Laurent McCain

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Laurent McCain
Full name Laurent Seamus McCain
Date of Birth 29 September 2482
Parents * Jameson McCain (Father, deceased.)
  • Lisle McCain (Maiden Name: O'Reilly. Mother, deceased.)
Siblings None
Spouse None
Assignment Owner/CEO, Gaelic Gypsy Arms
Specialization Guns, any guns.
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair hazel eyes, brown hair
Height and Weight 5'11", 180#
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Sihnon University Medical School (dropped out before graduation)
Military Service

Alliance Federal Service. Retired, Cmd Sgt-Major

  • 1st Army, 23rd Brigade, 5th Regiment, 2 Company Combat Medics


Born on Sihnon, September 29, 2482; the son of a middle level functionary to one of the noble families. Jameson, his father, worked steadily to provide for his wife, Lisle, and only son, Laurent. His mother was a nurse at one of the largest hospitals in the capital city, and doted on Laurent, who was always just a little smaller than the others in his classes. He struggled through his schooling, not through a lack of capability, but because he was perenially in trouble for fighting. He learned early on that he might not be as big, but he was a lot faster than his boyhood tormentors. It kept him from getting badly hurt, but it meant his mother and father were always talking about his discipline problems with the school administrators. When he finally left school, he attended one of the finest medical schools in the core, his parents idea of the direction he should go. He was not interested in medicine as a career, and dropped out of school in his fourth year, before beginning residency, and entered the military, against his parents wishes. He had a terrible need to strike out and see the 'Verse on his own, and escape the sanitized life on Sihnon, but the Unification war was coming, and he would be caught up in it like everyone else. He was twenty-four when the war started, a corporal in the Alliance Combat Medics. His advancement was slow, but steady, serving in many of the largest engagements of the conflict. Battlefield commissions and attrition eventually elevated him to the rank of sargeant-major, senior NCO of one of the medical units with the Alliance forces that landed on Hera in 2511. He served valiantly during the war, losing an arm in an Independant attack on the field hospital where he was stationed. The Alliance saw his limb replaced with cybernetics, and along with a promotion to command sargeant-major he spent the end of the Unification war in a hospital. Finally healed, and the war over, he would leave the army and head out to the rim, seeking his fortune.



He is a nondescript man somewhere between thirty and forty with even, lightly tanned features, showing that he's spent some time over the years in the sun. His features are almost aristocratic, with a straight nose, fine brow, and a strong, determined chin, with a deep, straight scar along his right cheek, from his chin to the top of his ear. His keeps his light brown hair trimmed just longer than his shoulders, the shade complimenting the hazel of his eyes which hold a glimmer of intelligence, and twinkle with a touch of mischief. His general demeanor causes the corners of his eyes crinkle, a touch of middle age and the movement of his face as he smiles. Middling height, at just short of six feet, he is medium build, with only the natural agility and grace lending anything to his physique beyond the ordinary.
He is dressed in black pants, some sort of cotton/nylon blend ripstop cloth with slash pockets at the hips, and cargo pockets at either thigh. The shirt covering his torso is cut in the style of the earth-that-was cavalry bib shirt, with silver buttons securing the wide V-shaped bib yoke from the worn leather belt at his waist, to each shoulder. The collar is modified from the original folded collar to an open one and a half inch banded collar at his throat. His sleeves are rolled up, showing a well muscled right arm, and the dull nickle steel of his cybernetic left arm. Both hands are clad in a pair of close fitting dark leather gloves, while his feet and calves are covered in knee high boots that are strapped tight with chrome buckles at the outside of each calf. Over all he is wearing an black leather duster, obviously tailored to fit over his form. The garment is light enough that it moves with the wind, yet provides some extra pockets and concealment for the gear worn under it.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Cybernetic Left Arm, polished nickel steel (often covered with clothing/armour & gloves)
  • Scar on right cheek from his chin to the top of his ear

Gaelic Gypsy Arms History

McCain's military service and subsequent retirement drove him out to the rim. He'd received notification of his parent's death, so he decided that there was no point in going home. The unfortunate effect of this decision was that the lawyers handling his parent's estate were unable to locate him. They tried as required for the first year after the deaths, then relegated his case to inactive status. They would make an attempt to contact him every year, and when unsuccessful, refile it. Finally, almost ten years after his parent's death, McCain slowed down enough that the lawyers to catch up with him.

With the closure of his parent's estate, McCain took the money and bought a modified long range shuttle which he has stocked with a selection of firearms, and is slowly modifying into a dedicated mobile weapons shop. He chose the name Gaelic Gypsy to remember his heritage which has recently come to his attention when he attended the funeral of a cousin of his maternal grandmother, a Romany figure of some importance, from whom he reclaimed his right to call himself Romany, as well as a significant monetary inheritance. So now he's doing what he loves to do, sating his wanderlust while making some money selling guns to folk who need his products and services.

Theme Songs

  • 'Six Days' by DJ Shadow
  • 'Du Hast' by Rammstein
  • 'Leave Me Alone' by The Crüxshadows
  • 'Swine and Roses' by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult (KMFDM Remix)
  • 'Legion' by VNV Nation
  • 'Lucretia My Reflection' by Sisters of Mercy
  • 'Bloodletting' by Concrete Blonde
  • 'We Hate Everyone' by Type O Negative