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Lareina Pirata
Full name Lareina Pirata
Date of Birth October 29,2499
Parents Elena Romero & Javier Cortez
Spouse Frost
Children Gabriella(9), Genevieve(8), Zagan(7), Castor(2), Adriel(2)
Assignment Queen, Pirate Commonwealth
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown/Brown
Height and Weight 5 ft. 2'/105lbs.
Status Active



There isn't much public knowledge about the woman known as the Pirate Queen. There are precious few who actually know the story behind Lareina Pirata, and those few would do anything to protect her identity. What is known however, is that nearly nine years ago, she seemed to appear out of nowhere and claimed her position at the side of the infamous Admiral Frost. Ever since that time, the two have been nigh inseperable and have worked together to build up a strong force of pirates who are hell bent on bringing down the Alliance and looking for justice for all those that the Alliance has wronged. While the Pirate Queen may often choose to sit back and allow her husband to be the one in the public eye, Lareina is no doubt, just as evil and lethal as Frost. Some have even said that the Queen is more fearsome than her King. Though, those who have seen such behavior from the woman, usually do not live to speak of it.

While Lareina may be one of the most lethal women in the 'verse, she does have her weakness ; her five children. Her two oldest daughters - Gabriella & Genevieve, were conceived during previous marriages, though Frost has long ago stepped in to fill the role of father and adopted the girls as his own. Their first child together, was a son, whom they named Zagan. Nearly five years after Zagan was born, the Pirate Royalty welcomed a set of twins - by surprise, none the less. The twins were named Castor & Adriel. For now, the twins seem to be the end of the royal offspring.



A classic beauty. Her features are those of someone who is Hispanic descent. She stands at a height of 5'2" tall, and while her frame is rather lean, there is a good deal of muscle definition to her body, proving that she must work out and take good care of her body. Thick, ebony locks adorn her head, spilling down over her shoulders and ending at her mid back, with several small braids throughout. The ends of these braids have been adorned with purple and grey glass beads. Streaks of deep purple are also noticeable throughout her otherwise dark hair. A purple, silk head scarf covers the top of her head, keeping her long hair pulled back and out of her pretty face. The scarf is knotted in the back and the 'tails' hang down to mid back level, ending right where her hair does. Her naturally tan complexion is flawless and smooth, with no visible imperfections. While Lareina is a rather attractive young woman, she chooses not to embellish her good looks with attention drawing makeup. When she chooses to wear makeup, it is only a light amount and in natural shades that are barely noticeable. Two deep brown eyes peer out from behind long and thick lashes that curl upwards slightly. Resting above her eyes, are thin brows that arc upwards slightly, at the arch. Her nose is small and rounded and seems to be the perfect size and shape for her face, keeping with her soft and delicate features. The right side of her nose has been pierced with a small, amethyst stud. And lastly, her lips which are covered by a thin coating of gloss are somewhat full and pouty. When her lips are parted and she is speaking, an occasional glimpse of the barbell that pierces through her tongue, can be seen.

She is currently dressed in a full suit of custom body armor. This armor isn't the big and bulky sort, rather it seems to be something that could be worn almost comfortably, every day. The suit has been custom formed to fit the curves of Lareina's body. Protective grey colored plates make up the armor, held together by a purple mesh, which allows for ease of movement. Strapped at her shoulders and extending down her back, is a long, purple cape which billows behind her with every movement she makes. Her feet are covered by a pair of matching grey and purple boots that extend up to mid calf level. Several buckles run the outside length of the boots, from the ankles all the way to the top. The heel on these boots are rather thick and add about four inches to her short stature.

Royal Offspring

Faces of the Pirate Queen