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Full name Lenora Pillai
Date of Birth March 16th
Parents Janak Pillai (Deceased. Unification War) Rajani Pillai (Living)
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Crimson Shield Securities - Support
Specialization Signals Intelligence
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown Eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 5'9", 135 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Osiris School for the Deaf (Osiris)

Military Service
  • No military service.

Historical Trivia


-was born deaf, a genetic disorder of the inner ear she inherited from mother. The affliction is easily treatable, but her mother turned down the 'cure', as she does herself to this day. Perhaps because of her mother, she doesn't consider deafness a disability or a handicap.

-absolutely adored her father, a local Alliance official who specialized in murder investigation. He was killed during the Unification war, something she just can't bring herself to forgive the Browncoats for, though she can deal with them. She tried to join the force herself, but was stifled by insistence that she correct her hearing first, something her principles did not allow her to do.

-is a tech head, with a mechanical bent. Though hired as an Intelligence officer, most of her contributions to Crimson Shield operations have been through small, often automated devices. She herself uses a few prototypes of her own design in order to communicate easily with the Hearing community.

-is very good at gathering information. Partly because she can lip read effectively from much farther than most people can hear, but she also knows enough about working the system to know exactly what information a civilian can obtain from public record.

-played poker professionally for two years, benefiting from her skills at reading body language and facial clues.

-Wears a Fedora, a gift from her father before he went to war. Despite wearing it every day, she keeps it in almost pristine condition.