Laila Jacobs

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Laila Jacobs
Full name Liala Rebeca Jacobs
Date of Birth March 21, 2507
Parents Rios Jacobs(father), Rebeca Jacobs(mother)
Siblings none
Assignment Dochasan Lasair - Engineer
Specialization Engineering and modification/upgrading
Gender Female
Height and Weight 5’9” 142 lbs
Status Deceased
Personal Notes

Allergy: Dust

Background ~ Pre-PC

Born to a pirate family, Laila has always had it rough. She was born in transit on a shuttle between worlds and aside from the brief moments in which her father carried her and her mother from the shuttle to their ship, Laila has spent most of her life knowing nothing of the world beyond metal walls.

During her childhood, Laila's mother tended to act like her 'guardian angel', protecting her from the wrath of her monstrous father. As all things do however, her mother's life was lost to a mysterious disease when laila was only seven years old; her father blamed her entirely for her mother's death.

For six years after, the crew of the Schwarz Geist(Black Spirit) treated her like a slave and her father, her master. She was beaten at any and every sign of will or resistance and was often chained to the engines of the jury-rigged ship; forced to repair them. Her father took great pleasure out of the pain he inflicted, especially when it had seemed his merciless beatings had finally robbed young laila of what had been left of her humanity.

From the age of nine until her thirteenth birthday, laila spent every moment either locked away in her quarters or in the engine room, her hopes and dreams crushed benighted the weight of reality. When she was beaten, she showed no signs of pain or even a desire to escape it and though she felt every blow, she had found a way to ease the pain by simply giving in and accepting the cruel hand fate had dealt her.

At the age of thirteen, Laila had had enough and as the pilot of the Schwarz Geist was about to strike her, she drew a gun she had stolen the night prior and put the barrel to the mans chin. The pilot was stunned, however, her father had witnessed it all. As they left Persephone, her father threw Laila from the ship by her throat and in the process, stole from her a fleur de lis pendant which had been given to her by her mother. Though she was finally free of her so-called family, Laila was alone now and had nothing but a gift for engineering and the cloths on her back.

For four years after being left on Persephone, Laila survived doing minor jobs for others or scrounging for food, sleeping wherever she could. At the age of seventeen she was confronted by a mugger armed with a Mauser C-96, a simple man who had met with hard times, who only wanted the few credits the young woman had. At the edge of her sanity already, Laila met her breaking point and something wicked surfaced. In a fit of blind rage, she managed to topple the man and break his arm on a dumpster; disarming him.

Though the mugger had escaped the physical assault shortly after being disarmed, his fate was sealed the moment Laila took up his gun and pulled the trigger.

The Nightmare

-Coming Soon!-

Troubled State of Mind

Although Laila might seem pretty normal most of the time, she is without a doubt, insane. She has three sides to her, the first being the usual, laid back young engineer who people will usually see. The other two, though much rarer to encounter, are pretty disturbing.

The Slave

Because of the violent beatings she received as a child, she developed her own way of escaping such abuse mentally. She will black out, shutting down mentally under certain circumstances to avoid having to deal with emotional pain. Outwardly, this condition manifests itself as a sort of semi-catatonic state. While in this state, she will obey any and every command given to her without question, as an instinctive way of avoiding any physical punishment.

This can be triggered by many things, such as an attempt at intimidation by someone she trusts. Most commonly however, it is be triggered by strong feelings of guilt or when she's given a command in a harsh tone, which might lead to physical punishment if she disobeys.

She will usually come out of this state given adequate time, however she can be influenced by people she trusts who she knows will not hurt her.

The Beast

Counter to the slave mentality already listed, Laila also takes on a more violent, beast-like mentality. This was originally triggered by an encounter with a mugger while she was living on Persephone, though now it tends to surface as a 'survival mechanism'. Like with the slave mentality, Laila blacks out, shutting down mentally, though in this case as a way of avoiding feelings of guilt. While in this state, she becomes overly aggressive and seems to be able to ignore pain for the most part.

This can be triggered by several things, though a physical assault against her is the most common. It can also be noted that strong feelings of helplessness or a strong desire to protect either herself, or her friends.

There are few things short of rendering her unconscious that will snap her out of this state. Though like with the slave mentality, it is possible for people she trusts to influence her, it can also put those people in danger, as she may not always be able to tell the difference between a friend or foe.