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Full name Jean Lafitte
Date of Birth September 18th 2495
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unwed
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Black graying hair, Blue eyes
Height and Weight 6'3" & 175lbs
Status Deceased

Brief Background

Escaping from work camps at a young age, Lafitte worked through the ranks of a organization of privateers until he had reached a point where he was the pilot of his own ship. After a mutiny, he was left stranded on a desert planet for a year and now seeks revenge and also to attone for his past sins.


Cold, piercing eyes set in a rugged face stare out into the distance. Lafitte stands over six feet tall, with a muscular build that seems as if it had primally originated insted of being cultivated through any formal weight training. His hair is pulled behind him in a messy bundle, but he still is constantly swiping the greying black strands out of his face. He is clad in an eccentric array of clothing and crisscrossed with belts and bandoliers holding a curious array of electronic devices.

Fun Tidbits About Lafitte

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