L85A2 IW

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Type WeaponType::Repeater, WeaponType::Rifle
Availability WeaponAvailability::Rare
Cost WeaponCost::5000
Accuracy WeaponAccuracy::120%
Weight Weight::5
Range WeaponRange::166/332/500
Ammo WeaponAmmo::5.56-Standard Ammo
Ammo Max WeaponAmmoMax::30
Modes WeaponModes::Burst, WeaponModes::Safety, WeaponModes::Semi
Skills Skills::Firearms:repeating, Skills::Firearms:rifle, Skills::Martial Arts
Ammo Use WeaponAmmoUse::0/1/3
Stun WeaponStun::8/9/11
Damage WeaponDamage::4/18/22
License Required WeaponLicenseReq::Level 4
Description [[WeaponDescription::The Enfield L85A2 is a weapon of land standing repute for its accuracy. Once derided for its poor reliability and design flaws during its early years of service with the British Army on the Earth-That-Was, the A2 variant has corrected almost all deficiencies in the rifle. It is distinctive by its bullpup design and light green forward pistol grip and forward part of the gun. On top of the rifle is a SUSAT laser sight, using tritium. It is standard issue for Alliance Federals.]]
Picture WeaponPicture::Sa80-l85a2.jpg