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"And lets be honest, you're a large, highly dangerous and well trained former military asset. I've got reports that could even potentially link you as a witness to a suspected and unsolved assassination. But that file is so heavily redacted and frankly nobody gives a sh*t anymore about that. People look at you and quite possibly spontaneous piss themselves when they think about physically confronting themselves. You want to negotiate the Allegiance Act for your people? Fine. Somebody wrote an eloquent letter on your behalf, because of your contributions to the defeat of the horrific terrorist organization known as Legion. So you've got some leeway here." - Alliance Secretary of Defense Woolsworth (Played by Eddie Izzard)

Kyoshiro Mibu
Full name Kyoshiro Tycho Mibu

壬生 狂四郎 ティコ

Date of Birth 1 January 2488 (54)
Birthplace Bernadette
Parents Ankita Popov (Dead)

Heinrich Tycho (Dead)

Siblings Alucard LaBerre (Dead)
Spouse Vanessa Kaeriani
Children Anala Henderson II (25)

アラナ・ ヘンダーソン
Llewelyn Rosetta Mibu (16) Adopted
壬生 ルー·エレン ロゼッタ
Murasaki Doria Mibu (11)
壬生 紫 ドリア
Kirito Heinrich Mibu (7)
壬生 キリト ハインリッヒ
Cian Siomonn Mibu (4)
壬生 ケイン サイモン
Katsumi Cassidy Mibu (4)
壬生 勝海 カシディ

Assignment High Commander, Kris Shena Churara
Specialization Cooking/Killing - it depends
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Crimson Eyes, Black-Gray Hair
Height and Weight 6'1", 300lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • Government Grooming Program
  • Alliance Military Academy
  • University of Londinium, Doctorate in Culinary Arts
Employment History


A middle aged man of mixed descent. Six feet One inches tall and an imposing three hundred pounds of muscle, he has angular features and a serious demeanor. His hair is black, increasing bits of gray accenting his age. It flows to just past his ears. Sometimes he wears it up in a tail to keep it out of his eyes. However, a few strands still find their way loose to tickle his face. His eyes are the most prominent feature on his body: The right one is a crimson red. It glares about coldly without emotion or remorse, yet can also hold the tell of his emotions. The left is covered by an eye patch which seems not to be held on with straps. It's thicker, metallic, and seems to perhaps be a piece of cybernetic technology attached directly to his optical nerve. There are scars on his face tracing along his eye, cheeks, and neck. He has a full salt and pepper beard, skin lightly tanned and leathery from hard work and age. There are hints that more scars may follow along under his clothing. His lips are full but just as aged as the rest of him, cracked here and there.

He usually wears a black long sleeved kosode. Sometimes a button up wool shirt of varying color. The top is generally tucked into a pair of tight breeches complete with a stripe running down the side of each leg, the color depending on the hue of the pants. The breeches are held up with brown leather suspenders which are secured snugly around his shoulders. Over his chosen top he adorns a flowing ashen gray greatcoat. It has epaulets on the shoulders and a part in the middle of the lower back. Double breasted with brass or gold buttons enameled with a wagon wheel, the liner of the greatcoat is colored a deep purple visible as it sways with movement. His feet are covered by black mid calf boots, sturdy and kept clean, which the legs of his breeches are tucked into.


Find out IC, chump. Get working on the CG, fool.

The Tycho Family

Theme Song


High Priestess

Kobra and The Lotus



RP Hooks

Served in the Alliance Military for 20 Years

His redacted debriefings and black ops mission were leaked during the beginning of The Second War along with him being listed as a child of one of those Alliance Perfect Soldier projects.

Had an Underworld Bounty on his head

Convicted of Harboring Known Fugitives and Associating with Suspected Terrorists: 1000 Hours of Community Service, 1 Million Credit Fine, On Alliance Watch List, 1 year Implanted Tracker (To be Removed in a year or when upon completion of Community Service, whichever comes first)

High Commander of Kris Shena Churara

CEO of Bar Valo, LLC

Travels a lot with the Jia, but can also bee seen traveling on his wife's ship the Koibito No Tachi or his own ship the Peacemaker.

Big Damn Hero level One Martial Arts, Melee, and Dodge skills.

Alumni of Londinium University.