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Full name Kris - Surname Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Wandering Security and Strongarm
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Pale yellow-green eyes

Red hair

Height and Weight 5'10" - 5'11"

155 lbs - 160 lbs

Status Inactive
Education Information
  • No formal education.
Military Service
  • No military service.



A strong woman indeed. The fiery-haired woman is at least five feet ten inches in height and has a body that is quite akin to a brick-house. While she is tall for a woman, her physique is very lean and muscular, extremely so. Bright eyes of a cat-like green-yellow color are a very unique feature to her, partially obscurred sometimes by thick, long pure-red bangs. The lightness of her eyes are brought out even more fully by the dark mascara and make-up that she wears. Her nose and cheeks are adorned with a light spattering of freckles, not too overpowering but they're noticable that they're there. Beneath it all, and almost always in some state of emotionally display, her full lips, colored with a wine-colored lipstick often show her perfect white teeth from either a bold grin or her shouting for some reason; usually it's always one or the other. Down to the small of her back, this tall woman also appears to have a very thick mane of hair that is full of waves and is obviously a handful because there is just so much of it.

Her long and surprisingly gracefully feminine looking neck leads to a strong and wide pair of shoulders that are usually covered with an off-white tank-top that is covered with a tight, strappy brown leather corsette-like top which laces up the front. It just comes past her rib cage and shows off a strong waist and stomach that shows off her muscles as well as scars. Luckily the top is leather because this strong woman is indeed a very top-heavy busty gal, though it doesn't seem like she's trying to hide it with this shirt. Over the leather top is a long duster that looks patched in quite a few places and hangs loosely and comfortably about her form. When she takes off the duster, her arms are bare to the shoulder and show off her muscular arms; her biceps aren't exactly huge but they are definitely defined. On her right arm, there is a very thick scar on her forearm and little round scars in her bicep area. Just beneath her bellybutton, a very comfortable looking pair of dark brown leather pants that are also patched in places adorn the leggy and tall woman down to her well-worn heeled brown boots.

Hanging loosely around her hips, a dual pair of worn-looking leather holsters hang down to her thighs from a pair of thick belts that cross in the front of her waist. Tied at the thigh so the holsters don't go flopping around, a pair of matched firearms appear to occupy them.


Kris Kris Kris

Kris was born and raised on the most back-water planet in the 'verse where all of the people who are running from something seem to end up. Her parents were low-grade, petty criminals who got too big for their britches and tried to pull one over on a rather important crime lord in the area. Needless to say, they have been on the run their entire life, until they found this back-water planet that nobody ever wants to go to. This is where they had Kris, and this is where Kris grew up. She grew up in a small town of hustlers, thieves, whores and generally the black-spit of society. Needless to say, her morals while growing up were very lax, it's how she was taught.

She grew up a very big tomboy, especially since she was always tall, even when she was a kid. It helped her though, her height and superior vantage point helped her kick a bunch of kids butts. Soon, she became the leader of the 'young kids' gang. Nobody could beat her up because she was just too big. Her young kids gang stole petty things from the shops, got their butts handed to them on several occasions from the adults, but that didn't really stop them. They had a blast. It didn't last very long though, while she was tall for a woman, there are always people out there who are bigger, taller and tougher. She found that out the rough way one day when her now teenage gang met up with the 'new kid' who wanted to make his mark. His name was Barren. She ended up with a deep gash on her forearm, two black eyes, a swollen lip, three broken ribs and a twisted knee out of the deal. He ended up being the new 'boss' in town for the younger folk.

She ended up being the second in command, and took a liking to guns after that. It proved to her that she couldn't always get what she wanted physically with her own two hands, so she'd 'cheat'. She'd use a gun. Hey it's a tool to be used and she's not above taking the upper hand.

She took to gambling, drinking, generally being rowdy. Learnt a few things from the whores, like how to wear make-up and how to 'do things right' when you want to get a man to do something for you. She knows how to read, mostly, one of the local whores tried to teach her, so she can at least read -- she just doesn't do it very often when she doesn't have to.

Her parents were never around, they didn't know how to be parents so they were mostly just people who lived in the same house. Most of the time. They did try to steal from her though. Once. Her parents were John and Margaret, the two petty criminals that were just horrible at it. They were whiney, pathetic people that Kris just despised even when she was a little girl. They even ended up trying to steal from their own daughter! Well, their daughter wouldn't take it, instead, she dealt with them.

She left the planet on a ship, the town got a little too restricting. The ship hired her on as a cargo hand and a protector of the crew. Needless to say, that was a short run with a ship. They did drop her off on a spacestation where she met up with another crew. Now that was a much better crew and she quite quickly took to them. They ended up being pirates, low - grade, but pirates. Kris didn't seem to mind though, she enjoyed running around rampant, shooting things. It was fun. On a cargo run, where they went and hijacked some cargo from a dock, she met up with a man called Toff. By coincidence, they 'rescued' him from that ship, not on purpose, but sometimes bad deeds lead to good deeds.. sometimes. He fascinated her because he was so shy, so she took pleasure in tormenting him. They sparked a rather interesting friendship due to that, because he apparently liked being tormented by her. He taught her Russian, because well, she was bored and asked him to teach her. Long trips do that sometimes. They've been hanging around one another ever since.

Recently, her ship, the Dark Wind, was blown out of the sky by an alliance cruiser. The ship crashed on a planet and Toff and her escaped with quite a few cuts and bruises, but at least they were alive. The rest of the crew are assumed dead.


Toff and Kris joined up with the Pirate Commonwealth. The introduction was rather stressfull but in the end turned out fine, with Kris ending up with two scars out of the deal. Unfortunately, their stint with the Pirates ended rather badly as Toff ended up killing himself accidently with a firearms incident -- so Kris was left all alone. Once again.

She became interested in another man after a few long months, but that turned out badly so she just walked away, as is her usual behavior.

Luckily, she ended up meeting a new merchant who desired her skills in protection and thus began her 'side' job away from the pirates. This was fortuous in several respects because the battle of three hills turned out quite badly for all Pirates. Kris, not being very well known yet barely escaped and ran to her safe haven with the merchant who hired her.

Eventually, she also got another job on the Tienlong and their fleet as Security. This eases the itching of her poor feet at the very least and also gives her lots of interesting encounters. In the end though, she seems to always go back to that Merchant.

While the Tienlong stint did not last very long, Kris enjoyed herself immensely. The ecclectic crew was very interesting to her. However, as all things must come to pass, Kris moved on. She is pursuing a career in the bounty hunter guild, hopefully they don't ask her to strip and show all of her tattoo's.


  • Her eyes are a pale yellow-green that are pretty rare. Not to mention that they're a dramatic contrast to her brilliant red hair. She's also very rowdy and brazen.
  • Recently she has scarred her right thigh with a deep X right on the top of her thigh, also her left outer bicep is also scarred with an X.
  • Her right arm has a half-sleeve of dark black tribal tattoo's.