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Full name Kotah Ama Liberty
Date of Birth 04.Jun.2504
Parents Dennis and Mary-anne Liberty
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Sprog, Arctic Raider II
Specialization Computer tech.
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green Blond
Height and Weight 5' 106p
Status Inactive
Education Information

Home Schooled


Born on Osiris, Kotah was the privileged daughter of a well to do family. Her parents, jointly, owned a small corporation that dealt religious articles. They also ran, and attended, and extremist church. The worst kind of extremist Christians, they hardly let Kotah breath without the right permission and air filters in place. Mary-Anne refused to allow Kotah to attend traditional public school, or even the high class boarding schools, instead she kept her daughter firmly in place and under thumb by home schooling her. She was allowed very little contact with the outside world, however, her father found an old lap top computer on sale one day. Despite her mothers disdain for the item, kotah fell in love with it, and spent most of her childhood teaching herself how to do all sorts of things with her computer.

Eventually, Kotah was able to escape the clutches of her parents by attending a prestigious university. It didn't last long, however, Kotah was expelled from the school after her first year of attending. The grounds was getting caught hacking the systems to change her fellow students grades for cash that she spent to by more computer stuff.

Once she was tossed out, Kotah found that she would rather make it on her own, then go back to her parents. She learned a few new, and interesting, trades, and set off in the world. At first she meerly worked as a part time thief, and part times security consultant for random ships in the verse. Until she was caught stealing by a man named Hase. After a very threatening talk about getting turned over to the alliance, Kotah was asked to work for him, and she agreed. At least for a while. Very quickly she found that she didn't belong, and quit working there to go find a place where she could belong.

Eventually, after a small talk with her friend Charly, Kotah decided to apply to the pirate commonwealth, and was put as a sprog on the Raider.


This girl's hair falls over her shoulders in an eye-catching tumble. Her hair is a shimmering white-blond, showing colors of both glittering gold, and sun-bleached silver. Her hair falls straight to her mid-back. Hidden beneath her hair is a softly featured heart-shaped face. Her eyes are a doe-like pair of mint green pools set above soft cheekbones, and partially hidden behind silvery half moon glasses. Her button nose features a small pink heart-shaped ring set on the left side. The ring is small enough to not be overtly noticeable, just enough to throw off a sparkle. Just a bit lower are a set of thin, but pleasant lips. She has a slender neck and narrow shoulders which lead to nicely shaped arms. Her fingers are slim, but not bony. Fragile almost to the point of looking as if a harsh wind might break her in half. Her slender form stands a mere five feet two inches, with willowy frame that makes her look even smaller. Her skin glows with a healthy peaches and cream tone, slightly lighter then average. Her outfit is a bit scruffy. Her jeans are in some form of tatters, washed to a soft blue, riding low on her hips and fraying around her pink running shoes. They feature tears in both knees, a few multi-colored patches that had been sewn on, and seem to be missing a pocket on the rump. For a top, She has on a plain white wife beater that hugs her body. Then so she doesn't get cold, she has on a loose faded red hoodie with a battered star logo on the back. .

Employment History

 Freelance computer security
 Crimson shield - Quit
 Pirate commonwealth -Active


Coheed and Cambria- Neverender

Peggy Sue and the Pirates- Spare Parts

Rise Against- Swing life away

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