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Koraline (Kori)
Full name Koraline Janelle North-Holliday
Date of Birth August 1, 2503
Parents Michael and Rebecca Kitson
Siblings None
Spouse John (Doc) Holliday
Children Myleah Eponine, John Michael William Jr. and Elizabeth Cosette Artesia Holliday
Assignment XO,Co-Owner-Aces & Eights
Specialization Pilot/Gunslinger/Entertainer
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Long strawberry blond, Brown eyes with flecks of blue and gold
Height and Weight 5'2, 107
Status Deceased (CHILDREN ARE ALIVE)
Education Information

Ariel pilot academy, self/family taught martial arts and armory and entertaining


A petite and curvy girl of 5'2, with muddy brown eyes. although dark as they may seem, they have brilliant specks of blue and gold in them. A small button nose leads down to a perky little smile that is almost always present upon her lips. Reaching past her shoulders to her middle back are long, lucious locks of strawberry blonde hair, slightly wavy along the entire length.
She wears a light green tank top, with multi colored flowers decorating the entire fabric of it. Dark green pants match the tank top, with just a hint of sher stomach showing, a green sprakle from her belly button, and green hard soled boots. Her biuld is musuclar for the most part, with toned arms and musuclar large. That does not take away from the absolute curviness of her figure.
As far as jewelry, she wears a diamond engagement and wedding set upon her left ring finger, and hooped gold earrings with flowers hanging from them. She has no tattoos visible or other markings.
Angel...on the outside...
Korirawr.jpg Koriagain.jpg


Bright and bubbly, super quick to make a joke. Always making everyone smile, pulling pranks, just a general joker. passionate, careing and motherly (even though she's young).

Kori's husband, Doc



Koraline grew up on Paquin, with two parents who loved the black. Her mother was a cargo master and entertainer while her father was a pilot and security figure aboard the Geisha, a Firefly that they were both members of it's crew. As she grew up she began to fly more with them and expressed a desire to learn to fly at around age 13. Her father indulged this and taught her the ropes, she was flying by age 15. While her father taught her that, he also taught her how to use a gun and basic martial arts. Her mother on the other hand, taught her how to strike the best deals in the 'verse as well as dance, guitar and singing lessons. Kori loved life in the black and soon was aboard full time with her parents and the rest of the crew. At the age of 16, her parents came to her and told her something she was not prepared for. She had been promised in marriage to a gentleman back on Paquin and she would be wed in three months time. Indeed, this happened and she was not happy with the situation...but this is how tradition in her family went. It wasn't long before she found out she was with child and her husband-Demetri-sought other women to service his needs during this time. Truth be told, she was unhappy in the marriage but didn't want to be cheated on at the same time. A daughter , Myleah, was born just after she turned 17. Things did not change in her marriage and she began to lose all interest in it-what little she had to begin with. Three months later, Demitri did not return for several days after one such outing and this did concern her. Word reached her that he had been shot and killed for reasons that still bother her to this day.(More detail can be found out ICly by RP with Koraline)
It was three years later when tragedy struck her in a hard way. Myleah wished to go on a flight with her grandparents. Since Koraline had errands to run on Paquin, she let her go as she'd done in the past. When the ship didn't come back on the scheduled day, and waves went unanswered...she found out her life would be changed forever. (Sorry,again, to find out more you must RP with Koraline.)

In a dramatic turn of events,she met Doc Holliday while sitting on the ramp of a ship on Paquin. The man offered her a cup of coffee and her life hasn't been the same since, because he stole her heart at that very minute. Through her many trials and tribulations with Doc she's come to discover that her original knowledge of her parents and daughters fate was totally inaccurate. the truth left her shocked and on the warpath for vengence.

Myleah Eponine Holliday

Myleah (birthdate October 26, 2522) disappeared at the age of three and was recently found to be living. She was alive and well on St. Albans, and went back to live with her mother and now adoptive father, Doc Holliday. She is a very smart child and will repeat anything she overhears...even very adult topics which she will bring up at the most unwelcome moment. She's in love with the ships head pilot, Zank and has staked her claim to marry him one day. She also loves to make up songs about random and inappropriate things...but being 6 years old she doesn't really know they're inappropriate. She keeps the crew in stitches and has become a mini ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark 'verse.

Songs and more

Character theme song (Set to shiny clips!) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdXkGXD7gDc
A Major Fear - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcAvVRcJ35g
Typical Koraline pilot moment - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZhYcPuGIRw

IC things that have taken place

-Joined Pathfinders as Head Pilot.
-Went to a strange parade where there was flying money and noodles.
-Went to a valentines day party on Ezra and nearly got blown to smithereens.
-Left the Pathfinders in search of a different lifestyle.
-Met John 'Doc' Holliday in a Spaceport. Shared a smoke, a cup of coffee and pretty random moments.
-Joined Doc aboard the Jia, where she gets to use all of her talents and skills.
-That cup of coffee turned into a blooming romance between Doc and Kori
-The two fell deeply in love and Doc proposed marriage.
-Having never felt any type of love like this, Kori accepted the proposel, hoping to live up to the memory of his former wife (she still has trouble with not being as good as her and feeling like she has more to prove)
-They were married on July 24,2527 by Captain McGuire aboard the Jia while in orbit around Newhall, where they happened to honeymoon.
-Won a dance contest on Newhall during said Honeymoon.
-Discovered she was pregnant shortly after coming home from the honeymoon.
-Finally got the Aces back and took over control alongside her husband.
-On May 2, 2528 John William Michael Holliday and his twin sister Elizabeth (Lizzie) Cosette Artesia Holliday came into the world. Lizzie received the name of a dearly loved XO of the Jia whom passed away days before the delivery. Their father delivered them on the Jia at 1800 hours.

Koraline left the Aces to run an errand with her children. The shuttle she was on, took a blow from passing fire. Being the pilot that she is, she hurried the crew off as well as all the passengers. She made sure that her children were safe, kissing them and telling them how much mommy loved them all. She kept the shuttle in the air long enough for everyone to get to safety before steering it towards an uninhabited moon. It then crashed and she gave her life being a Big Damn Hero, it was too late for her to save herself. Myleah, JJ and Lizzy are alive and well, waiting for family to come take them home. (Contact Tatyana for more info if you want to know where the kiddos are!)