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Full Name: Nikolette "Kole" McBride
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110lbs
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Black
Date of Birth: Nov 11th, 2502
Place of Birth: Ariel
Specialties: Medical; first aid, pharmacology
Assignment Medical Sprog, Leviathan


Black curls twist loosely across the woman's shoulders, peppered with a handful of cherry-red streaks. The strands have been roughly layered, and left just long enough to graze her lower back. A few shorter pieces frame her face, shadowing dark 'brows. Her eyes are wide-set and almond shaped, with irises that shift between light brown and deep mahogany as the lighting varies. Hispanic bloodlines are betrayed by a honeyed complexion, though her features suggest a bit of caucasian mixing. Her nose is straight, the tip slightly rounded, with a small, silver hoop in the left nostril. Her mouth is full, bowed, and the lower lip is usually hugged by at least one silver band.

She's short. A few inches over five feet tall, and narrow-framed. The sort of person you might glance right over, if she didn't put off the aura of a tempermental yappy-dog. Friendly enough, even sweet, until crossed -- and then you better watch your Gorram ankles. Her clothing trends toward the eccentric, with enough chained cargo pants, black wife beaters, and ratty fishnet to send an emo teenager into a frenzy.

Her clothing is usually accented by an assortment of jewelry; ears pierced from tips to lobes, and the few less-kosher holes scattered across her features. Heavy tattoo work sleeves the length of her right arm and shoulder, with a few less obvious designs across the shoulder blades and lower back. The actual visibility of these tends to differ with clothing, but it wouldn't take much study to determine the patterns are anything but 'sweet'. No flowers, butterflies, or frilly tramp stamps for this one.


  • What your character may or may not know of Kole depends largely on the circles they frequent. So, we'll sum this up into two categories:

The Rich'n Educated

Kole's father, Marcus McBride, is a well-respected professor at the MedAcad on Ariel, and her mother, Gloria McBride, a renowned neurosurgeon in the same medical complex. Anyone familiar with the upper-class rumor mill of Ariel might know of the to-be prodigy Nikolette McBride, who spent the better part of twenty years trying to give her father an aneurysm. She maintained the grades expected of a McBride, and received a full-ride scholarship at the MedAcad, but she made sure to piss him off at every turn while she was at it. All the tattoos, piercings, and questionable boyfriends any rebellious teenager could hope for, and a bit more on the side.

Kole remained in the top standings of her class through the first six years of med-school -- something of a feat, considering the woman's notorious habit of mouthing off to authority -- only to withdraw abruptly with two years remaining of her residency. Precious few were close enough to Kole in the actual Academy to have any idea where she ran off to, but most would agree it was for the best. She had more attitude than most professors found charming, and a mouth that most couldn't stomach in polite society. A talented surgeon? Hell yes. Brilliant? Check. But someone you want at your tea party? Fuck no.

The 'Other' Class

Kole began manufacturing and distributing illegal drugs approximately three years into med school. She never delved into the pushing herself -- how could she, with the public eye at her back? -- but anyone familiar with Ariel's drug circles would be familiar with both the quality and the quantity that the little med student managed to put out for her nearly four year run. And then, just as abruptly as her life on the upper crust was pushed aside, Kole disappeared from the underbelly as well. A few rumors suggest that she finally slipped up... one way or another... and had to get out of town. Most just lament the loss of good drugs and a steady source.

Facts and Trivia

  • Physically incapable of shutting her mouth. Even for her own safety. (See: Templeton's character quote. Day 2 on grid.)
  • Has 23 piercings above the jaw, 3 in the neck, and 14 corset holes. The rest are on a need-to-know basis.
  • Suffers from severe motion sickness when flying or driving. Don't tell Amber-Jeanne.
  • Keeps a container of powdered chocolate milk on her person at most times, and mixes it with pretty much anything she can palatably manage.


  • Scar - Missy Higgins: "And doesn't that sound familiar? Doesn't that hit too close to home? Doesn't that make you shiver; the way things could have gone?"
  • Take a Bow - Leona Lewis: "Take a bow, 'cause you've taken everything else."
  • Please Don't Leave Me - Pink: "The one who wins will be the one who hits the hardest."