Klara R. Aedan

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Full name Klara R. Aedan
Date of Birth June 21, 2504
Parents Daniel and Marina Aedan
Siblings None
Assignment Unemployed
Specialization Flight, Security
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Purple / Blonde
Height and Weight 5'6" (1.68 meters)

132 lbs (60 kg)

Status Inactive
Education Information

Current: University of Londinium (2522- )

  • Accelerated Alliance Schooling (2514-2520)
  • Private Tutelage (2504-2514)
Employment History

Current: Unemployed

  • (Dochasan Lasair) Chief Pilot
  • (Tsukai no Inari) Pilot
  • (Tsukai no Inari) Trainee

She sometimes is known as Raven when disguised.

Public Information (IC)

2504 - Placed in the care of retired Professor Nicolas Morton.

2514 - Leaves Bellerophon to live aboard her father's dragonfly Fidelis

2521 - Fidelis is purchased by Botros Quintili-Maximus III.

2522 - Applies for a position on the Tsukai no Inari.

2524 - Remains on the Tsukai no Inari as its name is changed to Dochasan Lasair.

2525 - Retires from the Dochasan Lasair. Returns to Bellerophon.

2525 - Briefly returns to the Dochasan Lasair to perform a joint rescue of Vanessa Kaeriani.


Standing an inch or two taller than five and a half feet, her trim figure is similar to that of a long-distance runner, her possible age ranging from late teens to early twenties. Her once boyish build has matured, filling out a bit to include various feminine characteristics that had been hard to detect before. While the majority of her golden, blonde hair has been loosely tied back into a ponytail with ends that dance about hollow between her shoulder blades, only a few rebellious locks escape to frame her face. Her facial features hint at her youth: smooth, slanted cheeks frame the upturned button-nose and a pair of slightly parted pink lips, neither full nor thin, forms the animated mouth above a stubborn chin. Beneath arched slim eyebrows lie two almond-shaped eyes, their color varying between shades of indigo, dark pink, and violet. Peculiar ears gradually slant to rounded tips; a slim neck meets sloped shoulders in gentle curves. Her limbs move with a certain grace that indicates she has discovered where her arms and legs begin and end.

Background: The Early Years

Born on Bellerophon, Klara was raised by her grandfather for the first ten years of her life. A retired professor of philosophy and history from the University of Londinium, Nicolas Morton decided to privately tutor her rather than send her off-world to a boarding school. As a result, the first decade of her life was spent in luxury on her grandfather’s extensive estate, her learning not only geared towards the general academics but also towards the art of etiquette. On her tenth birthday, her parents returned to reclaim her, and so, she left Bellerophon to live with her father aboard his ship, Fidelus. She remained with both parents for the following six years, continuing her courses through online correspondence with her grandfather, only needing to visit Londinium annually to take graduation examinations. Finishing the courses required for an entrance to university by sixteen, she was to train at the Flight School officially before the death of her father occurred. Happening under questionable and unusual circumstances, the cause of her father’s death along with the subsequent disappearance of her mother was publicly attributed to pirates and raiders, though confidential information would point to business partners. With the ownership of Fidelus and her parents’ holdings passed to those whom her father deemed trustworthy, Klara soon found herself homeless with a small fortune of 2000 credits to serve as a remembrance of her family. Over the course of a year and still suffering from the shock, she managed to make her way to Persephone, where she hoped to find some way to survive.

Background: Tsukai no Inari

Having little to recommend herself with except for a dream to fly and the determination and enthusiasm to learn anything necessary, Klara was rejected by several captains before she managed to convince Captain Morgaine of the Tsukai no Inari to grant her a probationary station on the Dragonfly. As a result of the captain's willingness to accept her, Klara held the captain in high esteem and initially performed well. However, complications began to arise due to certain ailments that were left untreated, which caused a variety of problems over the course of her stay on the ship. Luckily for her, Dr. Corsica, a new recruit for the ship, managed to diagnose and find a proper treatment for her illness, which mainly was due to the psychological scarring of witnessing her father's death in gruesome detail. With that, she was able to become the most reliable pilot of the ship, aside from the captain herself. Her skills improving along with a continual record of successes within the captain's eyes, she soon became a trusted crewmember of the ship. In return for her loyal and faithful service, the captain went so far as to help Klara reestablish contact her grandfather, which lead to her enrollment in university from which she, even now, takes her courses by correspondence.

After Captain Morgaine passed away, Klara remained serving on the Tsukai no Inari, though the ship had been renamed to Dochasan Lasair in honor of the late captain.

Background: Dochasan Lasair

With the engineer being promoted to captain in Morgaine's stead, Klara's initial time with the Dochasan Lasair passed easily and without mishap. However, as misfortune seemed to visit the ship with increasing frequency, she began to find that more than several things were amiss with the crew, realizing exactly how many holes the previous captain had managed to keep hidden. Despite becoming the Chief Pilot of the ship, Klara noticed an increase in the amount of tension between the senior officers; that mixed with the tragedies which struck the newly-christened ship led to friction between herself and Captain Aodhain Kelley. With her niche destabilizing rapidly, Klara began to use her vacation time more liberally, traveling from planet to planet and ship to ship while attempting to hone her piloting skills, her goal being to officially take the Alliance's pilot examination for a Flight License. The writing almost spelled out clearly upon the wall, Klara with her increasing absences finally entered retirement officially as she received urgent summons to return to Bellerophon...

... and by the time she returned, the Dochasan Lasair was not as she had remembered it, save for Sev and Lola Desera. In her eyes, the world seemed to disintegrate. In an attempt to show the captain exactly how chaotic and disorganized things were, Klara fell victim to Roisin's enmity coupled with the ship's plaguing misfortune, which soon left the young woman happily walking away from the Dochasan Lasair, swearing only to ever visit when those two unchanged people requested it.