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Full name Kizzy Aishe Noravasi
Date of Birth October 31st, 2511
Siblings Chovian, many others
Spouse unwed
Assignment Romany
Specialization Entertaining, Con artist
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green eyes, Black hair
Height and Weight 5'3", 115lbs
Status Active
Education Information


Military Service


Employment History
  • unemployed

Brief Background

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Kizzy stands in front of you at 5'3" with her curly jet black hair, which falls a little bit past her shoulders. Her emerald eyes are accentuated by her long black eyelashes and her subtle eyeliner doesn't hurt either. Her nose is small and in a bit of a button shape, her lips are a soft pink and full which rests on a soft and dainty chin. She wear a lovely green bohemian shirt that hugs over her chest a little tightly but hangs loosely around her athletically slender waist. Upon her legs a pair of long black pants that appear to be a soft cotton gently cling to her legs as she walks with a pair of soft green close toed flats upon her feet.

Employment History

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Famous Quotes

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Fun Tidbits About Kizzy

  • Allergic to Peanuts
  • Deathly afraid of rats, and being abandoned
  • Worries about reavers
  • Has an obsession with fire
  • Never been kissed


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Midnight is a lovely all black cat who is a domestic short hair who is a healthy cat. She is very playfully and seems to stay close to her owner.

More pictures of Kizzy

Pictures of Kizzy