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Katherine Johnson.jpg
Full name Katherine Lee Johnson
Date of Birth November 17, 2501
Parents Kyle Sr. and Joleen
Siblings Kacey (twin sister) and Kyle Jr.
Spouse Cousse Janderhoft
Assignment Jack of All Trades, Life-Line Inc
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel/Brown
Height and Weight 5'3"/121 pounds
Status Active
Education Information

Home schooled

Military Service


"Life's something to be embraced but not rushed, this I know. And I intend to do just that - to live fully while not letting one day slip by without notice."


Growing up on a backwater planet, one tends to dream of bigger and better things and Katherine Lee Johnson was no exception. Born the second of twin girls who eventually became the older sisters to a younger brother when they had turned two, Katherine, or Kitty as she was often called by her family, grew up learning the 'joys' of mucking out stalls, milking cows and herding cattle at a fairly early age. It wasn't something that she loathed but there were times when she'd find herself laying on the roof of their family's house at night, stargazing, and she knew that she just couldn't bear the thought of staying on Jiangyin for the rest of her life where the only real options she had waiting for her was to become either a ranch hand or the wife of a rancher, neither of which were appealing to her. Still, her life at home was good - her parents loved their children greatly and Kitty got along famously with her sister and brother which she was grateful for. Even then, sometimes familial ties are just not enough to keep someone from fulfilling their dreams.

The only town near by was about a three hour wagon ride away from the Johnson homestead so it wasn't very often they got to go but when they did Kitty couldn't stay away from the dirt strip the local folk called the 'spaceport', that being what was considered the hub of activity for the small community that had a population of under 200. So while her father was out getting the supplies that would sustain them she would be looking at the ships and talking to the crews, much to her mother's displeasure. That was what gave Katherine a desire to work on a ship, to see the black.

Kitty managed to get herself a scholarship at one of the best trade schools on Hera upon turning eighteen and enrolled in their engineering and general mechanics program. In the three years that the courses were taken Kitty excelled in the repair of the smaller transport ships and the engineering of their electronics and engines as well as the use of their systems while she also studied the same for the larger capital ship class vessels. Upon graduation she took the last of what little money she had earned working on the ships they used as 'training material' and went to Persephone to try and get a job and start the next leg of her journey.

Proposition, Engagement, and Wedding

On Santo, in the picturesque countryside with the sun setting behind them, Cousse Janderhoft finally proposed to her with a ring on July 25th, 2525. Wedding date to be determined.

The happy couple made it official on Christmas Day, 2525.


She's fairly innocent and perhaps a bit naive but she's probably one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth, kindest people you will ever hope to meet. She may not be the most worldly, nor the most intelligent when it comes to figuring out people and their intention which could be enough to set her up for some major heartache if she is not careful. She's quick to trust and call someone friend which can be good or bad...depends on if the person's 'good' or not. Despite her innocence and nativity, Kitty's also one who is not the kind of girl you want angry at you - she has a short fuse and a very long memory All in all, she's a good person to have on your side and one you don't want pissed off at you.


Kitty is fairly petite, standing a good head and a half shorter than a lot of people, both men and women. With her profession leaning more towards 'hard' manual labor (have you seen the size and weight of some of the tools mechanics have to use?), she is fairly toned especially up along her shoulders, back and arms. Despite that fact, she is actually fairly beautiful. By no means enough to be mistaken for a Companion but still beautiful enough to catch one's eye, perhaps.

When she is working she tends to keep her hair up into a ponytail and she usually keeps her face devoid of makeup as well. Her work clothes are primarily comprised of coveralls, tanktops or t-shirts and work boots. She can often times be found grease smudged and soiled with other such things like hydraulic fluid. With grime under her nails and even smeared upon her cheeks at times, one just might take pause and wonder if she even manages to get all that dirt off of her.

When she does manage to get away from the engineering section of a ship she cleans up very well and takes to dressing in a fashion that's all her own. Her rural upbringing lends a bit of a country look to her clothing while her like of the city atmosphere can also be found mingled in with what she wears. Leather jackets and boots are often times worn with the fancier jeans and such that one might find in the best boutiques or at least those made well enough to be able to mimic such 'finery'. She wears her hair down and sometimes even takes the time out to style it and goes as far as to wear makeup when the mood strikes.

Distinguishing Marks & Features

  • Scar upon right thigh. Also a much smaller, less noticeable scar along her left side.


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Song List

Kitty's Song List - A selection of popular music from Earth-that-Was that Kitty would listen to.

Employment History

  • Currently employed as a mechanic/engineer on the Redemption.
  • Recently named Bosun after Pixie left the crew.
  • Left the Redemption with Jander, joins up with Life Line, Inc.