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Kit (Kitrina)
Full name Kitrina Wilson O'Hare
Date of Birth 30 April 2502
Birthplace Boros
Spouse Riley O'Hare
Assignment Junior Engineer Aces & Eights
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue Eyes, Dark Brown Hair
Height and Weight 6'2, 155lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Home School/Sunday School

“One has to look out for engineers, they start out with sewing machines and end up with the atomic bomb - Marcel Pagnot.


Reaching over six feet in height, she towers over most women and a fair few men. Her long dark hair is worn down usually, sometimes pulled back into a braid, and falls to the middle of her back. Broad shouldered and sturdy, she is not the kind of dainty female that might blow over in strong wind or cry when a bottle gets chucked at her. Her skin is a natural cream color and bears no visible blemishes, unless someone happens to catch sight of the back of her left shoulder. Her eyes are a bright blue and rest on either side of a long thin nose, which itself sits above a full-lipped mouth. Her jaw is strong, almost square and lends her a determined look.

Usually dressed in black, because of its ease of matching with things not because it matches her mood, she doesn't appear to be an attention seeker at first glance - and yet because of her size and her looks she often gets it. Her many pockets and the various compartments on her low hanging belt hold the paraphernalia of her work; tools, spare bits of wire, bullet cartridges, and goggles. A sidearm is worn strapped to her right thigh and at times she wears a bandoleer of throwing knives across her chest too.</span>

RP Hooks

  • Runaway Bride
    No, really...serious commitment issues.
  • Big Dame
    Kit is ridiculously tall for a woman, it makes her stand out and can make her memorable. Not every memory is a good one.
  • Former Slave
    Held captive for five years by a group of nomadic slavers, Kit has been used abused and seen things she doesn't like to speak of. The kind of things which give a person nightmares. Only another former slave would ever understand.
  • Borosian
    A native of Boros, it's possible Kit knows others from her home planet. She did spend eighteen years living there.
  • Aces & Eights
    Esther's crew is making something of a name for itself. Kit is part of it now.


    She's at times quite cold, mainly because of her past - the things which inspire her nightmares also drive her to be acerbic and sometimes a bit mean. However, under it all she is a decent caring person but knowing that requires earning her trust and that is difficult. Life has not been easy on Kit, though outwardly that doesn't show. She isn't much of a believer, life has been too hard on her for that but she believes in hard work and in survival. She'll help those who have less than her and sometimes - often times - it means she ends up in a bad situation herself. Kitgun.jpg


    When she was eighteen Kit was married to a boy from a neighbouring farm on Boros, and ever since she has been running and trying to find her place in the Verse. She ended up in the hands of unsavory types and slowly got herself free of them. Since then she has been selling her meager talents as an apprentice engineer/fighter and seeing more of what is out there.

    Her parents were typical lower-middle-class farmers from Boros. They were staid, traditional and not unkind to Kit or her siblings but they had clearly defined gender roles an expectations especially for their only daughter.

    When Kit, or Kitrina - as she was known then, was 18 she was married off to a boy from a neighbouring family in an arranged marriage. He wasn't cruel or unkind, but she felt stifled and as if she had no choice in her future. Afraid to end up in a cold marriage like her mother she ran away the day after their wedding. Having no marketable skills, save a vague idea how to cook, and no real knowledge of the Verse beyond what her parents taught her, Kit ended up singing away her freedom in exchange for food and shelter. Treated abysmally by her 'employers' and their 'friends' she spent nearly five years trapped with them; suffering abuse and neglect and being kept docile by addictive illegal drugs. She escaped with the help of a good Samaritan and began the grueling climb to sobriety; it left her with a high tolerance which at times can be beneficial but when she's injured it means she requires even more medication and that can be too expensive. A decade on and Kit is still plagued by nightmares, but at least she is free.

    The ship Kit was working on was sold when the owner decided to retire. The new owner brought their own crew so Kit found herself jobless and looking for work again. Luckily her captain, Cappy, was friends with Esther and helped Kit get an interview. Little did Kit know that her estranged husband, Riley was working for Esther already.

    The pair have a lot to work out while also having to work together, it's going to be interesting...


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