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Full name Kirsten Bernadette O'Dowd
Date of Birth Aug 31, 2501
Birthplace Bernadette
Parents Roger and Maureen O'Dowd
Siblings Brian Roger, Emily Grace, James Colin, Erica Anne, Angelina Faith, Gareth Wynne, Jonathan Peter, and Alice Jezebel.
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment SCS
Specialization Medic
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, dirty blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'6", 100 lbs
Status Active
Military Service

Enlisted at 18. 3 years tour at the Military Hospital on Boros. Seven years attached to the IAV Temperance.


2501 - Kirsten O'Dowd born to Roger and Maureen O'Dowd in Silver Springs, Bernadette.
2519 - Kirsten enlists in the Navy the day after her eighteenth birthday. Completes Basic Training, and is posted to the Military Hospital on Boros to train as a Corpsman.
Nov 2522 - Completes her first tour. Posted to the IAV Temperance out of Persephone.
Dec 2522 - Selected for SAS training. Cross-posted to 35th SAS, IAV Patriot out of Athens.
Jan 2523 - Failed SAS training (marksmanship two points below pass). Returned to 63rd Federals
Jan 2523 - Posted to Greenleaf on peacekeeping detachment. Recalled after the kidnapping of General Havoc.
Mar 2523 - Promoted to Hospital Corpsman Third Class (E-4)
Jun 2523 - Promoted to Hospital Corpsman Second Class (E-5)
Aug 2523 - Promoted to Hospital Corpsman First Class (E-6)
Nov 2523 - Promoted to Ensign (O-1), OIC Triage, IAV Temperance.
Oct 2524 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG (O-2) after the police operation on Bernadette.
Nov 2525 - Extended her tour on the Temperance for a further three years.
May 2526 - Wounded in the Battle of Three Hills Spaceport.
May 2526 - Haunted by the deaths of sixteen members of her platoon at Three Hills, she starts to self-medicate with alcohol and amphetamines.
Jun 2526 - Required to go on medical leave. Treated for her addiction at a clinic on Boros, then transferred to the Guan-Yin for psychiatric treatment for PTSD.
Jul 2526 - Recalled to the Temperance after the kidnapping of Major Quinn and Sergeant Carter. Self-declares herself fit for duty.
Jul 2528 - Sent to school on Ariel to pass her doctor's exams, which she does top of her class.
Aug 2528 - Released from Navy service and passed to the Reserves. Transfers immediately to the Alliance Federal Service in the post of Doctor.
Jan 2529 - Takes a leave of absence from the DAS and promptly joins the SCS.
Dec 2529 - As an independent, takes part in the Battle of APC-088. Fought alongside pirates for the first time. Is injured in the bomb blast that destroyed the prison.

Over the period 2529 - 2532 she has kept her head down and pretty much dropped from sight, although it is known she is working both for Daimyo Michiba and Sev Desari.

Mar 2532 - An assault is made on the Gryphon by a number of streetwise thugs. The assault is repulsed, and later one of the attackers, Amanda "Mouse" Irving, joins the Gryphon's crew.


  • Her drink of preference (off-duty) is vodka, although she's been known to sink beers with the boys.
  • She has a girlfriend outside of the Navy, of whom she doesn't speak about much.
  • She plays a strong game of hoopball, and her broken nose is testament to her aggression.
  • She was brought up a Buddhist, but she considers herself an agnostic now.
  • She's well known for her almost pathological hatred of Frost's pirates. How this squares with her Hippocratic oath is anyone's guess.
  • After the Battle of Three Hills Spaceport, she continued treating the wounded until she collapsed and was finally admitted to medbay herself.
  • Her initial psychological screening indicated a Myers-Briggs personality type of ESTJ and a Keirsey temperament sorter of Supervisor.
  • She has a talent for saying precisely the wrong thing, and as a consequences pisses a lot of people off.

Current Assignment


Kirsten working out for her SAS training. She should have concentrated on the firing range.


Kirsten O'Dowd is the eldest child of (so far) eight children of Roger and Maureen O'Dowd of Bernadette. Her family is close-knit, very 'traditional' - by which, men work and support their families, and women get married and bear children. Kirsten was having none of this. There were scenes, of course, raised voices even; but no traumatic flight in the middle of the night, no renunciation that she was no longer their daughter and never to darken their threshold again. No, Father even saved up money to go with her to the recruiting station in the big city, and accompany her once more to the spaceport. There, wearing her best cotton dress, carrying a bag with her one change of clothes - her family has never been rich - she bid them farewell in the rather formal, solemn manner that is familiar with her family and headed off to Basic Training on Boros.

Kirsten in typically chipper mood.

She graduated that in the upper half of her class and, after an incident during training where a cadet nearly died when a rifle misfired, decided to become a medic. She's worked hard during her first posting, to the big Marine base on Boros, and sends money and waves back to her family to help them out; she's no longer around, and Mama is expecting another in a few months. She's seen no combat action and done precious little in the way of medicking, but she's sat down to a lot of booklearning, and keeps herself fit by running, up at the crack of dawn or before to get her five or ten miles in. Now she's ready for her next posting, hoping that she'll make new friends - eternally the bubbly optimist.


A young woman with dirty blonde dyed hair hung to her jaw in a bob, vivid blue eyes set under dusty pale lashes either side of a nose broken on several occasions, all over a wide thin-lipped expressive mouth. Her face is oval, her skin tanned with either stellar radiation or sunburn, and freckled. She has the body of a runner, lean and lithe and without any spare fat

Kirsten at the A-company beach party.


Kirsten on pirates in general
Kirsten clinks glasses with Steiner and downs her own shot, then glances around at the other patrons. "When the Alliance are comin', the pirates are runnin'" she whoops. "63rd Feds!"
Kirsten to the pirate queen, in happier days
"We need to come to an understanding. My orders are to keep you alive until you can be tried and executed for piracy." Her lips thin. "As much as I dislike them and you, that's what's going to happen. So we can do this the easy way or the hard way. The hard way involves you getting strapped to a gurney and fed through a tube up your nostrils. So do we have an understanding, or not?"
Kirsten relaxing

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