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Full name Kirianala Paige
Date of Birth June 28, 2503
Parents Kiri was adopted by Michael & Sherry Paige. They're both still living. She doesn't know who her birth parents are.
Spouse None
Specialization Engineering & Sharp Shooter (Sniper)
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Grey eyes / Long black hair
Height and Weight 5'9" / (it's impolite to ask)
Status Active
Employment History

Currently: Engineer on board the Wulver and part of Ugly Duckling Corporation / Previously: Shu Chang, Engineer / Spare Pilot


She's a tall young woman, long and lean. About 5'9" wouldn't be an exaggeration. Her features are delicate, her skin a flawless shade of mocha. Black hair flows down her back to her waist, usually held back by a simple leather thong though silken wisps of it tend to play about her jaw. Her eyes are the color of storm clouds, the pupil rimmed by silver, framed by dark lashes. Her mouth is wide and full, lips of dusty rose to soften the lines of a rather aristocratic nose.

She's currently dressed in a black tank top beneath a man's open button down shirt of dove grey. Black trousers sheath her long legs and on her feet are black boots, scuffed at both the toe and heel. She usually has a long, dark brown duster overtop of this outfit, a rifle and a six string guitar slung over her back. She doesn't appear to be carrying any pistol at her side, though if one knows what to look for, there's an array of throwing knives about the wide, black belt that rests upon her slender hips.



Kiri was abandoned as a baby and adopted by a couple on Boros who owned a cattle ranch. Her adoptive brother Mika was responsible for a lot of the skills she picked up as a child, since he was much older than she and she idolized him. He was the one that taught her how to play the guitar (though he couldn't sing. That she had to teach herself) and it was he that showed her how to use a shotgun. But her love of all things mechanical... that came from being so close to the Ares moon where the Alliance ships were being built. At her first opportunity, she took a school co-op out there and started learning all she could about the ships. And when it came time for her to go out on her own, it was to Persephone that she went, to find a job on board a ship. After a few jobs where she never really felt she fit, she ended up on the Shu Chang. She made a lot of friends, some, more than friends ... but that has come to a rather abrupt end. She landed on her feet though. Friends suggested she talk with Cody Martin about a new position. And having done so, she's been hired on to the Wulver and Ugly Duckling Corporation on a probationary basis. She and Pip will see if this is the home they've been looking for ...

Kiri is a musician. This talent has worked well for her when it comes to engineering as she's less school-taught and more instinctual when it comes to ships - especially capital ships. She has a good enough ear to *hear* when something's out of alignment. For an example of her singing, visit [1] (This is actually sung by Kiri's player with the pennywhistle and bhodran and some backup vocals by her friend, Chris Conway. The lyrics of this shanty were modified from a Great Big Sea song, by Mal's player.)


Kiri has a rare genetic blood disease called Bombay. This means that she technically has no blood type and transfusions of any blood that isn't also Bombay, will send her into anaphylactic shock.