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Kiera Black


Pardon Our Dust, New Person under construction.

Kiera Black.jpg
Full name Kiera Black
Date of Birth 1 September 2501
Parents Kaitsu Black & Annika Black
Assignment Valiant - Chief Medical Officer
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown hair, soft brown eyes
Height and Weight 5'7", 120lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Osiris University Medical Academy

Employment History


A short woman, possessed of a very definitely feminine figure, highly reminiscent of the women of ancient scandinavia in the earth-that-was. Strong muscular legs angle up to hips that were once-upon-a-time referred to as childbearing hips, before narrowing to the thin waist and up and out to square shoulders. The gentle curves of her full breasts soften the harsh lines of her shoulders and contribute to the very feminineness of her figure.

With her shoulder length brown hair, soft brown eyes, and rather plain features, she appears singularly ordinary and indeed, amongst a crowd she is easily overlooked. The deep green eyes can speak volumes without even a single word and her fair skin seems to be little used to the sun.

This young brunette is wearing an olive green top, made of finely woven wool, over dark blue jeans. Soft matt-black leather shoes are worn both for style and comfort, and the leather belt is done in matching leather with a simple metal buckle.


Quiet and formal amongst strangers. Relaxed and even gregarious amongst friends and colleagues. Has very strong opinions on loyalty and honor. When working she tends to focus exclusively on what she is doing. Bedside manner is very pragmatic and efficient, brusk and not particularly empathic.


I was born on St. Albans, and it was there that I grew up. My dad and my oldest brother fought in the war. Died in it too. My mother raised me and my other two brothers as we grew up. I don't much remember my father, but I've been told that my brothers all took after him. Gruff men all of them, but with hearts of gold. I take after my mother. She's a small woman, but nobody questions her strength of will ... actually nobody questions her ... not any more. Still I had a good childhood.

It was in the snow covered wilderness and the icy cold mountain lakes of St. Albans that I first gained a taste for hiking and swimming, a taste that I still indulge in whenever I have the opportunity. As I concluded my schooling, I received a full scholarship to Osiris university's medical school which I accepted. University life on Osiris was challenging, particularly since I, a hick from the Rim, excelled, finishing amongst the top few in all my classes. Dealing with the other students was the challenge, a challenge I met in two ways, firstly I focused almost completely on my studies, leaving little time for aught else, and secondly I took up the ancient art of Aikido, a skill I have grow to enjoy. My graduation was followed by an internship on Ariel at St. Lucy's Hospital.

I then returned to St. Albans and took up a position at the local medical center. Less than a year later I gave birth to my daughter Lia. She died only a few months later. It was her death that precluded my departure. Now I travel the Dark.

Recent Events

29 July, 2529: Kiera takes berth on the Valiant as her Chief Medical Officer.
23 August, 2529: Kiera visits Hera and spends some time at Serenity valley.

RP Hooks

  • Valiant
    • Chief medical officer on the Valiant
    • Kiera can often be found in the Medical bay on the Valiant
    • Kiera enjoys coffee and will frequent the common area on the Valiant where she can make use of the exquisite coffee machine therin
    • Kiera particularly enjoys shopping, and can often be found shopping wherever the Valiant touches down

  • Medicine
    • Discussion of various medical topics or research? (Kiera has a "Good Name" for her skills in surgery and her research in pharmaceuticals and a surprisingly insightful paper in cybernetics.)
    • During her studies and internship, Kiera has had occasion to purchase supplies from Red Lion Industries.