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Full name Kyle Donovan
Parents Michael Donovan and Sarah Donovan.
Siblings Only Child.. as far as he knows..
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Command
Specialization Captain
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Education Information
  • Alliance Academy of Reformation
Military Service
  • No military service.

Time Line

  • 14.Feb.2510: Born at Persephone Free Clinic
  • 02.Feb.2514: Parents abandoned him on steps of local mission.
  • 19.Apr.2514: Taken in by break in artist and thief, Training begins
  • 03.Apr.2528: Becomes Captain of a ship. Source of ship or benefactor unknown.

To be continued


Regal, proud, stylish and full of class, the young man before you simply emminates the very raw essence of these perfect qualities that define masculinity when looking upon the intense, passionate reflection of this predator's deep, midnight, azure gaze. Like the tides of the rolling ocean storms, wild and chaotic with the fury of might and magesty, only shaded by the dancing flecks of golden lighted hue on the edges of the irises do they gleam their solid mystic glory, seeming to draw one within their depths. A lingering darkness seems to settle beneath the very surface of his gaze, that hidden untold youthfulness, eager energy that drives one within, vigor and bright, sharp intelligence.There's an electrifying, magnetic presence about him that seems to draw others to him like the tides of the shore, ever drawing other's attention to his own. His features are solid, though smooth, soft and pleasant. His face is completely shaven with gentle features, light nose, ears, perfectly full, nice lips and an easy chin. His head is framed in thick, dark brown silken hair that runs down medium length to about the very top of his ears and sweeps over to the sides of his face in feathered bangs adding to a somewhat handsome, boyish look. His figure is strong and lean adding to the 'whipcord' look that an athlete might carry. His neck is thick and muscular reaching down to well-muscled arms and powerful hands.

A simple black hooded sweatshirt is worn, The zipper left undone for the last 1/4 of the way upto his neck. Each pectoral displaying a small chest pocket while the shirt beneath the hooded sweatshirt is of dark blue's the image depicting some old concept of how the future would be with eratic and almost giegerish quality to it. While he wears a black leather jacket with white stripes running across the chest and around to the back, the jacket's form holding the faint molds of protection showing beneath the leather to show that he is probally wearing a racing jacket. Around his waist a dark almost black leather belt is worn, the belt buckel holding a ornate skull in blackened silver upon it. Showing a flair of personality for the man's current fashion. His pants remain simple enough, A pair of black cargo pants are worn for function over fashion. A pair of dark soft souled boots are worn, the traction of the boots showing slightly to reveal they are meant for a range of activities.



Looking For

  • Doctor/Medic
  • Mercenary/Mercs
  • Security/Gunhand
  • Engineer
  • Cargo master
  • Chef/Crewhand
  • Other concepts accepted, @mail or page to see if you will fit.

RP Hooks

  • Kidd was born and pretty much grew up on the dirty streets of the Slums on Persephone.
  • Kidd spend time in a Juvenile Reform Academy run by the Alliance for troubled and at risk youth. Though in reality it was more like a prison for those under the age of 18. He was recently released due to having turned 18.
  • Kidd had some success as a pickpocket on Persephone, and was for awhile a pretty visible presence at the underground hoverbike races.
  • Knows Sign Language for one reason or another.
  • Might know where to get things such as cry babies, Trailbusters and there is even rumor he can get other ship modifications.
  • Has information on specialized cargo heading across the verse, Good profits with a slight margin for risk.

Recent Changes

Recently Kidd had the chance of meeting another thief and pickpocket. This meeting led to another slightly more suprising one for the young man. Finding himself now in the employ of a noble from one of the smaller planets and running parts of the man's business as well as the newest class of ship to be invented in the 'verse.

Theme Songs

  • Avenged Sevenfold: Seize the day


Kidd with his guitarKidd in a suit..kind of