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Full name Khira Marsielle Johnson
Date of Birth April 11th, 2504
Birthplace Yinyang
Parents Ralph and Kae Johnson
Siblings Michael Johnson (Deceased)
Children None
Assignment Technician
Specialization Engineering, mostly mules
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel/Light brown
Height and Weight 5'4/115 pounds
Education Information

Highschool diploma from Yinyang High.

Employment History

Khira worked for her father in his workshop on Yinyang until the age of seventeen when she got a job working for the shipping yards.


Khira was born on Yinyang, their family living just inside the "dark" zone of the planet. Ralph worked for the mining companies, working on their mules and drilling machines. Her brother, nineteen when she was born, joined the Alliance just a few days after she was born. He would come home every few years to check up on his sister and family, bringing different things from the various planets he'd been on.

  • Khira started showing interest in her fathers work when she was young, dismantling the dishwasher when she was two with a screwdriver. She was kept away from the tools until she became older.
  • About a month after Khira turned seven the family was told that Khira's brother, Michael, had been killed in action in Serenity Valley. His personal affects and dogtags were returned to the family, Khira now never seen without the dogtags around her neck.
  • At the age of twelve Khira began working with her father in his workshop after school, her father treating her like another son. She was very adept at pulling engines apart and putting them back together, soon becoming like another mechanic rather than a helper in the shop. A few weeks after Khira graduated at the age of seventeen she was hired by the local ship yards to work on their transport MULEs and ship engines. After three years of working for the mining companies she decided it was time to move on. After a week of staying at home and helping out her folks, she packed up and headed for Persephone on the first transport out of the system.


Standing at five feet and four inches, this young woman isn't to imposing. Her figure is a bit on the lean side, though her feminine features are noticeable. Her face is vaguely heart-shaped, the skin a bit pale and unblemished, usually streaked with a bit of engine oil. Soft hazel eyes rest above a slightly large hooked nose. The bridge of her nose is crooked slightly to the right, a large bump noticeable about halfway down. Full pouty lips, usually just a bit chapped, rest below her nose, followed by a slim jaw and lithe neck. Her hair is a light chestnut brown, wavy and slightly kinked, resting just below her shoulders. She wears a green tanktop, a pair of dogtags worn around her neck. A red and orange cobra tattoo is inked into her left shoulder and arm, ending just below her elbow. The cobra is thick, coiled around her arm, the eyes a piercing gold, the hood flared. She wears a red jumpsuit over her legs, the torso unzipped and tied around her waist. A pair of black steel-toed boots, the leather cracked and worn, covers her feet.



  • Favorite foods: Pizza, roasted chicken, baked potatoes and in guilty pleasure chocolate cheesecake.
  • Favorite places: Yinyang, St. Albans, and anywhere were the temperature doesn't go much higher than fifty degrees.
  • Favorite hobbies: Anything to do with mechanics, and especially if she gets dirty in the end. She's up for anything as long as it requires tools and dirt.


  • Khira hates school. If anyone even mentions a book that has nothing to do with ships or something similar she simply ignores them. She also hates stuck up people, or people that would rather stomp on someone than help them. Another thing she hates is her own clumsiness, often times hurting herself more than helping, though in the end she seems to pull things through.


Khira's personality is seemingly always changing depending on her mood. At most times she's pretty friendly and open to most people, especially when the topics of fixing things or ships comes up. She's a bit of a loner, keeping herself more towards the outer edge of a group than in the middle talking her head off. She's not much of a scraper, but she is loyal to her friends, even more so if it's her family. She's the happy-go-luck sort of person, even if luck doesn't go her way most of the time. It's rare to see a frown cross her lips, but it's possible.

Politcal Views

Khira doesn't really get in politics, but talk to her about the Unification war and she'll rant for days about how the Alliance was in the right. She hates the Independents, mostly because they started a war that didn't need to be fought, and secondly because they killed her brother. Khira swears if she were to ever meet a Browncoat in person she'd spit in his face and take his family jewels off with a monkey wrench.

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