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Full name Kerwyn Wills nee Greystone
Date of Birth Feb 28th, 2499
Birthplace Osiris
Parents Vivian Greystone and Senator Lars Davis
Siblings none
Spouse Lochlan Wills
Children Tanneth Lars and Elizabeth Gretchen, twins
Assignment Chief Engineer, Dark Embrace
Specialization Engineering, Capital Ships
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Long curly red hair, grey-blue eyes
Height and Weight Barely 5', 105lbs
Status Deceased
Education Information
  • Beginning studies: Gasmyn House
  • Engineer Schooling and Training: 7 years (3rd in 103)
  • Apprenticeship: 2 years
Military Service
  • No military service.
Employment History
Personal Notes

Age: 24

Kerwyn knows Irish-Gaelic, Chinese, & English

  • Kerwyn and the twins died in a horrible house fire that consumed their home on Paquin on June 1, 2524.


Facts: Kerwyn Greystone, 24, single, Engineer/Mechanic -- These are the things that most people might know without a doubt. Other things may come to be known later.

Her mother, Vivian Greystone, is a known and well respected Companion, a long-time member of the guild, and teacher now within the House she belongs too. Rumors are that she may even become one of the Priestesses before too long, though that is all just idle rumor, of course. Vivian was under a long-term contract with a rather influential politician, Senator Lars Davis, a widower with several grown children, and attended many a function with him during his earlier political days. A Companion never marries, is never said to hold to that emotion called love. What she and Lars had, was a rather close friendship, for the man truly loved his late wife, vowing never to take another - but a man in his position needs the power and station that a woman as beautiful as Vivian gave him. A shock to some was that after five years, she bore him a daughter, Kerwyn, whom was kept with Vivian, raised within the House.

Her childhood might have seemed strange to some, but for Kerwyn, it was normal. She was well aware of her mother's social obligations, knew of her father and his own political standings, and never seemed to truly care. As a young child, she kept herself busy with games or books until she was old enough to start attending the school there within the House for the other young Companions-to-be. It was a known thing that she would follow within her mother's footsteps to become another Companion, and with the budding looks, promised to be as lovely as her mother. Kerwyn did as she was told, for the classes were interesting and something to pass her time, picking up another language from her mother who often spoke Gaelic around her, to even enjoying lessons on the piano, besides the usual teachings that any young Companion-to-be might take.

It wasn't until she wandered out to the garage one rainy day and found the House mechanic working on a lift, that Kerwyn found her true love. From that day forwards, she was often found shadowing the old man, even picking up guitar from him, much to her mother's dismay Engines and mechanics fascinated her, and with her mind, there were no end to things that she attempted to build or create or fix. So what if grease and grime were not on the list of things best for one's skin? It wasn't till she was 14, on the verge of puberty, that things really got bad in the household between Kerwyn and her mother. Vivian insisted she give up her foolishness and continue with her training to become a Companion. Kerwyn was intent on leaving the school to search out proper training as old Henry kept hinting she should do. It took her father's intervention to quiet their flung words that stung. It was he who talked her mother into letting Kerwyn leave the House, bound to school to study that what she wished - the woman having a secret hope that Kerwyn would give it up and come to her senses and return to continue her training.

The years passed with Kerwyn attending school, graduating in the top three. Later, she took a position as an engineer, apprenticing with another near the House, to keep her mother somewhat happy. However, things were still unsteady between Kerwyn and Vivian - her daughter hasn't given up on this foolish desire to work with engines, though the good breeding and ways of a Companion often show through. Just because she might be a grease monkey doesn't mean Kerwyn has to always look like one! The time has come for Kerwyn to look to the stars, to leave her home, and actually put her knowledge to work on more than just the little things she's been tinkering with here and there.

Who would have ever thought the Companion's daughter would end up on a privateer ship with such a strange crew? Surely not Kerwyn, and most certainly, never Vivian. If she ever finds out. However, the assignment on the Leviathan didn't last very long. After beginning to date Lochlan, and finding a good friend in Trista, things would come to pass that causes all three to leave the ship and end up hired on over on the Dark Dragon.

Once more, fate would step in for the trio. First, Kerwyn ends up kidnapped, but saved by the crew. Upon her return, Lochlan proposes, and she finds out with certainty that she is pregnant. A ceremony is planned and held within the cargo bay of the Dark Dragon, a radiant bride to marry her groom in absolute bliss. Tragedy would strike soon afterwards in the death of her best friend, Trista, who's ship is attacked by Reavers out near the Rim.

Not long after that, Lochlan and Kerwyn leave the Dark Dragon, and end up hired on to the Valiant. There would be a few ups and downs, but so far, time within the new org and on a new ship, would prove to heal old wounds. A new friend is made in Fael who joins the crew as well, and seems sweet on Alina. It would come out near the holidays that during a deep undercover mission, that all members of the gang that had kidnapped Kerwyn was caught and put to trial or death, and with that news, the knowledge would come out that Alina was in fact, Trista, having gone undercover with a face change and new ID serving as Kerwyn's personal body guard.

Valiant would be turned over and the move to the Dark Embrace would be made - a bigger ship for the org. Just before Christmas 2523, the twins would be born - Tanneth Lars Wills and Elizabeth Gretchen Wills. And this is where things stand for the redhead - a new mother having spent a few months with her new children getting ready to return to work, and to a ship with new crew, and a new XO after Alina has left to take on a new mission with the Alliance.



Petite. It's a good word to describe Kerwyn. Barely standing a little over 5 feet or so, she holds an Elven quality about her. Flame red hair falls about her face in a tumble of gentle curls down to the middle of her back when not bound simply behind her or twisted up off her neck. The bane to any redhead, pale skin competes with the scandalously thick lashed eyes of an unusual grey blue that hide behind a pair of dark rimmed glasses - though many will say, she wears them more to hide behind than for actual need. Some sparkle, something playful and mischievous frolics in the depths of those eyes, waiting to come out and play, but other then that there is only a calm seriousness there. An elegant slant of a nose that sits atop pouty red lips finishes filling out the features that sit within the beautiful angular face. Slim and almost child-like is the rest of her form - a certain frailness often highlighted by graceful movements.

Practical is what she calls her current outfit. She wears a loose blouse of soft, hunter green cotton. The rounded collar frames her slender neck, and the sleeves flow in loose folds down her arms. The cuffs and shoulder seams are edged with an attractive chequed embroider trim which adds a touch of distinctiveness to the blouse. Dark buttons fasten the garment down the front of her chest. At times, she might wear a brown leather vest over the shirt. Upon her legs are a pair of smoothly tanned suede trousers that fit snugly against the length of her legs, the leather stained a dark brown. Holding them up at her trim waist is a honey-brown leather belt that bares a couple of pouches for holding the odd item. On her feet are a pair of boots that even with the scruffs of wear, are kept shined and oiled.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Wears glasses

Weapon Collection

This is a sixteen inch heavy pipe wrench.
This is a non-lethal pistol that shoots bean bags.


As sung one night to Kerwyn by Fael:

Fael seems to have decided that serenading is the best option. "Keeeeerwyn," the tech sings (badly). "Keeerwyn, she repairs the Va-liant...." Pause. "... Balls! I haven't got a rhyme for bloody 'Valiant.'" Fael frowns, and thinks. And then spontaneously bursts into song again.

"Kerwyn, Kerwyn, she's making us food,

She fixes our engines and Lochlan's her dude

Kerwyn, Kerwyn, soon mother of two,

Also lookin' after a ship and an immature crew

Kerwyn, Kerwyn, can probably have wine,

But I'm bloody worried and I say it's not fine

Kerwyn, good soul, would never litter,

Alina will be such a great babysitter..."


A Dark Embrace Alphabet

By Elric Cadfael Valentine (Fael)

For Tanneth and Elizabeth Wills

So that you will know what sort of 'verse it is that you have come into.

A is for APC, our ship and our home

B is for Black, the skies where we roam.

C is for Cargo, from place to place,

D is for Dark, which preceeds Embrace.

E is for Engines, which make your mum sing

F is for Fael, who is writing this thing.

G is for Galaxy, yours to explore

H is for Home, and its open door.

I is for Integrity, showing the way

J is for Jokes, to brighten the day.

K is for Kerwyn, teaching you grace

L is for Lochlan, keeping you safe.

M is for Memories, and you are in ours

N is for Nebulas, the clouds in the stars.

O is for Orbit, circling in space

P is for Paquin, where you have your place.

Q is for Quiet, alone on the beach

R is for Rest, sleeping in peace.

S is for Stars, so high above

T is for Trista, who gave you her love.

U is for Unity, a family true

V is for Valiant, where we started our crew.

W is for Wills, your family line

X is for eXcellence, because I need a rhyme.

Y is for You, and all you have to teach

Z is for Zeniths, the heights you will reach.


Senator Lars Davis of Osiris, widower

Vivian Greystone, well-known Companion of House


Lochlan and Trista meeting father

Dance Lessons on the Valiant with Fael and Alina