Kerry O'Carroll

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Full name Kerry Seana O'Carroll
Date of Birth March 17, 2502
Parents Eamon and Madgaline
Siblings Riley and Seamus
Spouse Unwed
Assignment N/A
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown/Red
Height and Weight 5'3"/114 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information

Information withheld

Military Service

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Kerry Seana O'Carroll - (b. March 17, 2502) was the youngest and only daughter born to Eamon and Magdaline O'Carroll, a wealthy business man and his socialite wife. She had two brothers, Riley, who was six years older than her, and Seamus who was only two years older than his baby sister. She was raised on Calandol, one of the many terraformed moons to be found in the 'Verse.


The only daughter born into a rich family, Kerry found herself pampered and doted upon, or as much as her parents could; attention was not exactly common as her parents were often busy between their father's busy business life and the social one he and his wife strove to maintain and what little time could be spared was spread between her and her older brothers. But, where affection was sparse they were not lacking for any material possessions nor was there any lack of formal training. The O'Carroll children were sent to the best academies where they completed their studies with honors and they had ample hobbies and lessons to fill their hours even if they wanted for nothing more than to spend time with their mother and father.

At the age of twelve, Kerry's oldest brother Riley completed his last year of schooling and enlisted in the Alliance with what Kerry assumed was their parents' blessing. Little did the youngest O'Carroll know that he went despite the threat of being disowned after turning down a position within Eamon's business, a position that eventually went to their middle son four years later. Kerry, an ambitious pre-teen, told her parents about how she wanted to be a soldier like Riley, the announcement coming not long after the eldest boy left home, sending her parents into a frenzy but, unlike how they treated their eldest son, they bribed her into forgetting about joining up by buying her a pony, as cliche as that is, something that worked...for a while.

Nearing her own eighteenth birthday, the memory of Riley's service in the military still fresh in her mind, Kerry approached her parents, once again mentioning how she wants to be a soldier and fight for the Alliance. Her father was especially mad and, much like in the past, threatened to disown his only daughter, something that Kerry would positively not stand for. She waited until the time she was legally an adult and left home, sneaking out from under the watchful eye of Eamon and Magdaline during the middle of the night. She spent the better part of the next year planet hopping while working odd jobs here and there, never really staying long enough on the off chance that her father was looking for her. Once she felt her trail was cold enough she enlisted and thus began her life in the Alliance.

A younger Kerry before she left home.

Life in the Alliance

Upon completing her training, the new 'purplebelly' was sent to Persephone where she was attached to Gibbon Squad. However, having gained the attention of Sergeant Adamson, she was quickly transferred to Pangolin Squad where she began her training as a scout. Upon aiding in the completion of a mission on Triumph she was field promoted to the rank of Private First Class (PFC).

Service Record

May 12, 2521 - Arrived upon Persephone upon finishing basic training.

Jul 03, 2521 - Aided in a mission upon Triumph. Field promoted to Private First Class (PFC).

Jul 23, 2521 - Given the Gallantry Cross after mission on Whitefall.

Oct 10, 2521 - Kerry's short lived military career ended after her parents discovered where she was and 'bought out' the remainder of her contract with the Alliance. Presumed to have returned home.