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Full name Siouxsie Vichkanov
Date of Birth December 27, 2495
Parents Mother:Cherry Vichkanov, Father:Unknown
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Security Officer, Chaos Theory
Specialization Combat
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Black eyes, med black hair.
Height and Weight 5'6" 130lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

No formal higher education.

Military Service

No military service.

Employment History
  • Security, Waldo's Hooters n' Such - Santo
  • Security, Blackmoore Casino and Resort - Santo
  • Security Officer, Chaos Theory (current)

"And Nyx (Night) bare hateful Moros (Doom) and black Ker (Violent Death) and Thanatos (Death), and she bare Hypnos (Sleep) and the tribe of Oneiroi (Dreams). And again the goddess murky Nyx, though she lay with none, bare Momos (Blame) and painful Oizys (Misery), and the Hesperides ... Also she bare the Moirai (Fates) and the ruthless avenging Keres (Death-Fates) ... Also deadly Nyx bare Nemesis (Envy) to afflict mortal men, and after her, Apate (Deceit) and Philotes (Friendship) and hateful Geras (Old Age) and hard-hearted Eris (Strife)." ~ Hesiod, Theogony 211


This woman stands just under five and a half feet tall, her compact frame athletic and graceful with corded muscles dancing beneath moon-pale flesh. Clear, intelligent eyes rest below messy black hair, thick and untamed. Glossy-black lipstick covers her full lips, matching the dark mascara and eyeliner applied in small amounts to her face.

Her clothing is far from expensive; worn jeans with holes in the knees are tucked into black leather boots. The arms of her black sweater, too large for her short stature, extend well past her hands. Holes have been pushed through to allow her thumbs to stick out. An olive-drab jacket partially covers the well-worn black-leather holster (currently empty of visible weapons) comfortably resting upon her full hips. Black fingerless gloves displaying delicate hands with long fingers, their short nails painted glossy black.


Keres was born on the Border Planet of Santo to her unwed mother. She never knew her father, though she learned over time that he was of Old-Earth Russian descent just like her mother. From what rumors she managed to discover, he was apparently a low level member of the Syndicate, little more than a leg-breaker. Her mother was a distant and cold woman, selling her body in a brothel to put food on the table. Little value was placed on education for Keres and the girl took it upon herself to attend school to a functional level.

She took a job after the war with a few of the newly opening casinos as security, spending most of her income on private training in firearms, martial arts and armed combat by a few of the retired Bounty Hunters and post-war vets who settled there. She decided to leave Santo after her mother was beaten to death in a brothel. An older woman by this point, far less attractive than the younger girls employed there, she tended to draw the rougher (and less picky) dregs of society into her bed. One such gentleman decided it would be more fun to beat her face into the headboard while doing the deed, eventually collapsing her skull into the pile of wooden splinters. Keres learned of this, tracked the man down and beat him to death in the streets with a rusty meathook. She soon gethered her belongings and left to seek a "family" of her own choosing as well as a life with value and meaning.

A timeline of events:
  • 2495 Dec: Siouxsie Vichkanov born on the Border Planet of Santo.
  • 2506 May: War begins, transforming Santo into a lawless planet of brothels and private militia.
  • 2506 Jun: Keres's mother eeks out a meager living by working at a brothel.
  • 2511 Jun: War ends.
  • 2513 Aug: Keres begins working security at various brothels and casinos on Santo.
  • 2513 Sep: Keres legally changes her name to Siouxsie Violent.
  • 2521 Feb: Keres's mother is beaten to death by a client.
  • 2521 Mar: Keres kills her mother's murderer messily with a meathook.
  • 2521 Apr: Keres legally changes her name to Keres, a ruthless and avenging death-fate from Old-Earth mythology.
  • 2521 May: Keres arrives at Persephone
  • 2521 Jun: Keres accepted as a Security Officer aboard the Chaos Theory.


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