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Full name Kenthadus Grayshade
Parents A mom and a dad.
Siblings Only Child.
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Chief Helmsman
Specialization Pilot/Doctor
Gender Male
Status Active
Education Information
  • Hera Medical School
Military Service
  • No military service.

Time Line

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Kenthadus is around 6'2" tall and weighs in somewhere around 180 lbs. He has short dark brown hair that is just barely starting to curl a bit and is kept in a styled unkempt look. His blue eyes sparkle with an inner mischief, and he usually wears a smirk on his face. He is currently wearing a brown flight jacket with two button up pockets on the front and two side entry pockets. Over the left pocket on the chest is the Dawn Star Logo patch, on the right side is a name tape 'GRAYSHADE'. Under the jacket he is wearing a simple white t-shirt, tucked into tan combat utility pants which are bloused into tan reverse leather combat boots. Strapped to his right thigh is a coyote tan tactical rig with a kydex pistol holster attached to it. On his left hip is a pair of mag holsters for the pistol in the holster.


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