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Full name Doctor Kellan Carter
Date of Birth April 15th, 2503
Parents Father: James Carter, Mother: Sharla Carter
Siblings James Carter Junior
Spouse None
Assignment None
Specialization Medicine and Acrobatics
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Sapphire Blue, Blond
Height and Weight 6'1", 210lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • Put through private university on Ariel. Has a Doctorate in medicine.
Military Service
  • No military service.

Public Information


Social Life

More to Come

Professional Life

More to Come

Recent Events

  • Recently graduated from St Lucy's Medical University in the top 20 percentile of his class.



Test - "Test"

Personal Facts:

  • Kellan is allergic to spiders. He nearly died when he accidentally fell into a nest. He was bitten in 25 different spots. The venom put him in shock and placed him in a coma for nearly 2 days. Kellan is now scared of them and has a serious phobia of any kind of spider. He fears they will bite him and place him in another coma.



"These Are the Days" by Jamie Cullum

Photography and Art