Kell Draygo

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Full name Kell Draygo
Date of Birth August 10, 2494
Spouse Single
Children None
Assignment Senior Gunhand, Wulver
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green Eyes, Brown Hair
Height and Weight 5'11"/205lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • Beaumonde Grade School Education
Military Service
  • Browncoats - Independent Army
Employment History
  • Wulver - Senior Gunhand (Present)
  • Dawn Star - Security
  • Evening Star - Security
  • Different Ships on and off through his travels


Kell Draygo was born to Tomis Draygo and Aeris Draygo, seventeen years before Unification Day, on the industrialized planet of Beaumonde. The family was considered to be a middle class family, as both parents had jobs within the large corporation, Blue Sun. They were hard working people so their time spent at home with their son was limited. He grew up like a normal child and played with kids in the neighborhood, having a very active life as a kid. He continued on to Grade School until the age of fifteen where he made a life changing decision.

The relationship between Kell and his parents were fine when they were home from working at Blue Sun. They tried to bring him up as best they could, giving him what he wanted without overindulging him. They did instill one main lesson into their son and that is to stand up for what he believes in, even if it seems like no one else did. There was one point in their lives that they didn't agree on and it was the cause of Kell leaving the family. When he turned fifteen, the Unification War was already raging and the family was split on their views, the parents believing in order and status quo, sided with the Alliance while Kell believed in the independence and freedom that the Browncoats were fighting for.

The War

There were two pivotal points in Kell's live, the first one was when he decided to run away from home to join the Browncoats in their fight for freedom. It was not an easy decision because he had lived a regular life since he was born and he knew that his parents did love him and care for him. To leave was an action that will hurt them greatly but he knew this was a subject he is unable to talk to them about. His convictions about the war was too strong and as with most young adults, the pull on him to join the war effort was greater than most. So leaving only a heartfelt note of goodbye, he packed some of his stuff and left the house.

The moment in his life that affected him greatly was the Battle of Serenity Valley. He had joined the war when it was already in full swing and had lost comrades during various battles. But it was in Serenity Valley where he lost most of his compatriots and all those he had considered good friends. The brutal and punishing fighting coupled with the major losses had a huge impact on his life, leaving him with not just physical scars but emotional ones as well.

There was one dark secret that Kell has carried with him from the war. It was during the two months long Battle of Serenity Valley. At one point of the siege, his unit captured a small Alliance reconnaissance squad. Having lost so many of his friends and comrades, the unit he was with executed the soldiers on the spot. To this day, he has never told anyone of what he did as it was a dark day that he wishes never occurred.

Kell, along with many other surviving Browncoats from that gruesome battle surrendered and was pardoned and released back into society.

Traveling the Verse

With limited skill sets due to him leaving home and joining the war at a young age, Kell had not too many choices in terms of making a living for himself. So carrying the skills that he picked up during the war, he took simple jobs that he could which included being hired muscle, messenger, and sometimes even security. Never one to stay too long with a ship, Kell had picked up some bad habits such as excessive drinking which made him an alcoholic though that isn't a surprise due to the demons that had stayed with him from the War. Eventually his travels brought him to Persephone where his adventures continued.