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Full name Keira Evans
Date of Birth July 21st, 2506
Parents Greg and Victoria
Siblings None
Spouse None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue-Grey/Blonde
Status Inactive
Education Information

Brief Flight Training on Londinium

IC History

Keira Evans was a poor nobody who was born to a small family of blue-collars on Londinium. Her father, a U-War veteran and resident MULE technician, and her mother, a local registered nurse, both did what they could do raise their daughter and help her achieve her silly childhood dreams whatever they may had been. Her most prevalent silly childhood dream was to be a pilot, but not just any pilot. She wanted to be one that ventured to far depths of the 'verse and came back with a pretty credit to show for it. Keira was always determined to not become just another working joe or jane for that matter and was very determined to see things through. The culmination of her efforts resulted in Keira being in enrolled in the Londinium flight school where did very well in her early training and exams, but was kicked out after becoming delinquent on her tuition payments. No one would hire a flight school drop out in the Core worlds so Keira left to pursue her dreams elsewhere.


Keira is a down-to-earth individual who takes pride in the simple things in life. She isn't a big fan of fancy things, but isn't quite opposed to them either. Keira just doesn't like to feel dominated by such matters. She holds some intense disdain for the core-world life based on her ejection from flight school and her subsequent inability to get a job as a pilot in the core-worlds. Keira has a dry sense of humor and does like a good bit of irony and sarcasm every now and then. She can get nervous when out of her element and will increase her talking speed quite a bit when she gets agitated or really nervous in a situation.


  • Is ambidextrous and yet she still favors her left hand with most things
  • Has a mild allergy to cats (especially long-haired ones)
  • Resolute beer drinker with no real love for wine or liquor
  • Uncomfortable around farm animals (or anyone who stinks like one)
  • Can sing soprano, but just not very well
  • Has been to known to get into an occasional scuffle, but not a lot of gunfights
  • Doesn't have much use for high fashion or some of the nicer comforts in life
  • Still enjoys a good cup of tea every now and then


Keira Evans was last known to be roaming some of the more unsavory parts of the border and rim worlds in her quest to find high-credit employment and the adventure amongst the stars that she has always sought since her childhood.

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