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Full name Keaira Ezra Beckett
Date of Birth July 4th, 2505
Parents Dympna Beckett and Caine Beckett
Siblings None, lots of cousins.
Spouse None, yet.
Assignment Being Cute
Specialization Entertainer, Magic acts mostly
Gender Female

Keaira is a fun loving girl who is basically one of the guys at heart. She loves acting out on the street amazing people with little card tricks, or complicated feats that could astound even the most skeptical passerby. She had a rough start in her life, her father dieing when she was sixteen, and her mother dieing just recently. Just from looking at her you can tell she has that Irish blood running through her veins, whether you listen to her accent or watch her drink it's just that obvious. When it all comes down to it Keaira is fun to be around, and would give an arm and a leg for anyone she considers to be a friend.


A rather short girl that only stands at about 5'5 she has shoulder length, curly strawberry blond hair and a light complexion everyone that knows her couldn't tell you a time that they've seen her frowning or serious for that matter. She has light blue eyes, light freckles, and a slightly pointed chin. There are slightly obvious bags under her eyes although from what she will not say. She often wears a mask, as it has become like a physical feature in her years of performing, it is obviously made from paper she has taken so much time and effort into making it appear as if it were made of pure gold and embedded with the darkest green emeralds. Her build is rather delicate and she doesn't appear she could lift more than a couple pounds worth; she wears a gold colored vest under a black coat with tails at the back and a white leotard. It is rather surprising it is in the condition it is in, although on closer inspection you may notice whiskey stains hiding in the dark colors of the coat. She has an odd smell about her like you walked through a pub, an incense shop, and a pig pen all at once. When she smiles you can notice a gold canine towards the left side of her jaw line giving her what appears to be at first glance an untrustworthy air emanating around her. On her feet she wears black heels with bows towards the toes that obviously have seen a long while of walking the bows are rather tattered and torn off even in a few places, nothing a little mending couldn't fix. The once proud black was now a dusty gray and the heels were inconspicuously glued back together on numerous occasions.


Like I told you, she is basically one of the guys at heart and would rather spend the night out drinking than a day of shopping with girl-friends. She hates anything to do with pickles and turnips, but loves strawberries and chocolate. She loves dancing and playing music with friends and will find an excuse to celebrate with these kinds of things on any occasion.


She's always had it a little tough, while having a big family means you get to enjoy everyone's company it also means that there are a lot of bills to go around. Her father could only manage to pick up odd jobs here and there chopping wood or lifting heavy crates, and her mother cleaned houses for a weekly wage. When she was only sixteen she had to drop out of high school to tend to her father who was seriously ill with tuberculosis. On his death Keaira was devastated she vowed that she'd help him no matter what she had to do, she even went to the alliance for help but he was denied the health care he needed because not only could he not afford it but he had no health care covered. To the day she has terrible nightmares about his death and does not sleep well resulting in bags under her eyes and sometimes on bad nights it will leave her terribly drowsy. Keaira has recently been taken in by the ship Bengalo Draba, by its captain Chovian Noravasi, and has taken on the job of raising the crews moral in recent times.

RP Hooks

  1. Magician/Entertainer
  2. Enjoys drinking and spending money, occasionally on strangers.
  3. She has an Irish (at least I TRY to make it an Irish accent xD)accent.
  4. Currently only knows English and Gaelic languages.