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Full name Kayla Mayweather
Date of Birth March 23, 2505
Parents Duke Francis Mayweather and Duchess Diane Mayweather
Siblings None
Assignment Security - Dochasan Lasair
Gender Female
Status Inactive
Employment History


The young woman standing before you would be regarded as attractive by most. One of her more prominent features is her long, thick, golden hair that hangs down in gentle curls to her waist. Looking at her further, her soft blue eyes tend to catch a person's attention. Her gaze is rather intense, seeming to take in everything around her with hawklike accuracy. Overall she possesses delicate features from her small, button nose to her pale, plump lips.
Taller than most women, Kayla stands at just a hair under six feet and has a thin, lithe build. Her body looks to possess little in the way of excess weight, though she looks healthy. Looking her over, it's apparent that she frequently works out by her toned musculature. She carries herself with an air of gracefulness and upbringing that only those of the upper crust ever truly manage to pull off but still has an approachable demeanor. Her arms are long and slender, hands dainty. Her fingernails are about an inch long and painted with a deep purple polish.
Currently she is wearing a wide-brimmed, white hat atop her head, much like a large cowboy hat. The hat is pulled low over her eyes with one side bent up just a touch. On her body she wears a white corset that hugs and emphasizes her curves. Her already trim form is accentuated, highlighting her ample chest and narrow waist. Over the corset she wears a long blue, trenchcoat style jacket that reaches down to her knees. White accenting stripes up the edges of the coat and around its flared collar. The trenchcoat is worn open, the collar flipped up, and the gold buttons lined down one side. The sleeves on the jacket are long, coming to end at her wrist where they are encircled by white and two gold buttons. Upon her dainty, slender hands she wears a pair of white gloves.
Her bottom half is currently clad in a snug pair of dark black slacks that hug her hips and posterior. Around her waist she has a wide black belt with a silver buckle. At her hip is a rapier in a black sheath with gold gilding. The slacks trace the contours of her legs until they vanish into a pair of white calf-high boots with a two inch heel upon her feet. The boots are a rather simple, yet elegant style with laces running up the front to be tied just a bit below her knee.

Background - Pre-PC

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Background - PC

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