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Full name Kaya Juno
Parents Radin (father - dec) and Meril (mother) Juno
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue-green eyes, Dark brown hair
Height and Weight 5'10"
Status Inactive
Education Information

Streets of Persephone

Military Service

War of Unification - Browncoats


2523 – The plan is to hire on with Red Lion Industries. (IC action will determine this)

2520 – Hired by a drug baron to complete a variety of security ops for a rather large, inexcusably large amount of money.

2514 – She runs into an old ‘friend’ - Her previous employer who still runs the kids of the Docks with a ruthless hand. He puts her in contact with some of the bigger fish in town and she starts doing some jobs for them. She is hired on a contract basis. For the intervening years she builds up a nice bank balance and shifts her mother from the slums.

2512 – Returns to stay with her mother for a time, but swiftly grows restless, the little girl content with her little life surviving the Eavesdown Docks no longer. She tries to get an ordinary job – and for the next two years almost succeeds. In that time she works as a waitress, a bartender, a cattle drover (don’t ask-don’t tell) and a myriad of low paid jobs that barely scrape enough money for her to live.

2511 – Battle of Serenity Valley. Kaya survived, but barely. She was badly injured and spent the next four months in hospital.

2508 – Joined the Independents in the Unification War. She was just a lowly grunt that her superiors would use to scout forward to check for enemy positions. She learnt the basics of setting demolitions during the following years.

2506 – Broke into her first house and stole silver to sell on the black market. For the next two years she developed her skills, breaking past more complex security systems.

2503 – Learnt some of the basics of pick pocketing from a local Fagin type. He would take a percentage of their profits for not beating the hell out of them.

2500 – Father was killed on a run. The crime boss threw her and her mother out. For three more years they barely scraped by on what her mother made.

2493 – Born to poor parents on Persephone, who worked for a local crime boss. Father was a drug runner, mother was a laundry woman.

Some IC hooks