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Kaufmann-Beich GmbH Logo
Kaufmann-Beich GmbH
No Longer in Business

Company Information

Kaufmann-Beich GmbH was a medical supply company specializing in human and animal pharmaceuticals and IV supplies. They had factories on Londinium, Osiris, and Ariel, although the main corporate offices were on Londinium.

The company was declared bankrupt in late 2525 when the president and CEO, Richard Kavanaugh admitted to testing fraud to rush Som-No-Mor (tm) into production. Kavanaugh then killed himself on live holonews.


Kaufmann-Beich GmbH was formed in 2453 with the purchase of Kaufmann Biomedicals by Hans Beich of Osiris. Quickly making a name for themselves in the pharmaceuticals field, Kaufmann-Beich supplied many of the hospitals on Osiris and Ariel.

Kaufmann-Beich moved their main offices to Londinium in 2491.

Richard Kavanaugh was made president and CEO in 2510.

Company closed down for good in 2525.