Katlyn Headley

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Full name Katlyn James Headley
Date of Birth July 27, 2504
Siblings Only Child
Spouse Unwed
Assignment System Specialist, Tienlong
Specialization Computers, Cortex
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, light brown hair.
Height and Weight 5'5", 120lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Pending
Military Service
  • None.
Personal Notes

Age: 19 Prefers to be called James by most people


Shorter than most guys at 5'5", his stature is on the slight side like that of a teen suggesting he's possibly still in that age range. His features are fine and not particularly masculine, the overall look almost having a slightly airbrushed quality. Smooth skin without the slightest blemish, while not deathly pale is a soft blend of alabaster and rose, a natural blush. It's quite possible he still doesn't need to shave. His eyes are blue, not an especially striking shade but framed by long slightly feminine lashes and a pair of slim glasses with lenses that are tinted slightly green. His hair is light brown with just a hint of highlight suggesting it might go a sandy shade with sun exposure. Thick and straight, he wears it long enough that it flops over his upper face more often than not and covers his ears unless brushed behind them.

His clothing isn't particularly noteworthy, except that it looks new and is kept clean. Some may refer to his choice of outfit as 'summer chic nerd'. He tends to wear a t-shirt with some slogan or other printed on it, his present choice is charcoal grey and printed on the front in white is; You read my t-shirt in quite clear letters and below that in smaller print but all capitals ' That's Enough Social Interaction for One Day '. With this he's wearing a pair of loose jeans that have a somewhat scuffed look to them but without being too fashionable. The jeans are held up, clearly out of necessity, by a rainbow belt and yet they still scuff around his ankles at the back. On his feet are a pair of fairly generic, canvas sneakers that may be high-tops but it's hard to tell.
Particularly when outdoors, but on other occasions too, he also wears a largeish parka that's at least a size large on him. The parka is a drab olive colour and has a fur trimmed hood that is often pulled up even if it's hot out.

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