Katja Patroval

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Lady Katja Patroval
Full name Katja Patroval
Date of Birth 6th Dec 2502
Birthplace Persephoni
Parents Cheryn and Thall
Siblings None
Assignment None
Specialization Charisma, Combat and Seduction
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Jet-black hair, light-brown eyes
Height and Weight 5'11", 140 lbs.
Status Inactive

Katja in Brief

Katja Patroval is a charismatic individual, with a checkered past. Those who meet her find her to be charming and somewhat soft spoken. One of her more interesting traits would be her apparent advanced training in martial arts, engineering, and piloting. While she always claimed to have a purely educational background, there are still rumors that she has had military training.


She's tall for a human female, standing some 5'8" in height. The woman's figure is shapely, with curves filled out in all the right places. When she moves, it's with the natural grace of a dancer or an athlete, poised and controlled. Her wavy, reddish-brown hair is worn shoulder-length, swaying with each step, and she often brushes a few wayward strands out of her eyes. Smooth skin shows signs of being well cared-for, with a well-formed nose and high cheekbones. Her green eyes are large, bright, and expressive beneath long, dark lashes and arched brows. Appearing to be in her early 20s, she appears confident and bold, yet with a softer side.

She wears an attractive jumpsuit, constructed mainly of a black cotton fabric. It's mostly skin-tight, especially in the so called 'right places' around her chest and butt, and it's constructed of a stretchy material that makes that even easier while still being comfortable. Around her waist is a thin sash, made of a red silk-like synthetic material, and down each side of her body run two lines of narrow piping, a few millimetres apart, though they widen at her hip, forming into a love-heart shape. Underneath it, visible when she unzips the jumpsuit via the zipper that runs down the centre, from neck to hip, she wears a bright red camisole top, also stretchy cotton, and constructed with no seams, so that it doesn't show through the garment over it. Her feet are covered by leather boots with high-heeled boots, a good two inch raise, though they have a nice wide base, making it less likely that she'd trip over while wearing them.


Katja Patroval's history is one of mystery and intrigue. Documents dating back to her birth show that she was born on Londinium and went to the premier schools. She was given top scores and found herself on trek for a very lucrative career. As she gets older, documentation becomes more sparse and she even seems to drop off the face of the verse. She finally reappears as a Human Resources assistant working with John Collins on the Phoenix.

She then entered into a venture with her 'friend' Jasmine Geddes. She made a name for herself with her ability to gently coax people into doing her will, and also her extreme fighting abilities. It is unclear where she learned these traits, although she speaks of removing herself to Paquin for a few years.

She now finds herself gainfully unemployed and doesn't seem to have any want to change the status quo.

Early Life

She went to Traverse College and majored in a degree of law with a minor in administrative work.

Katja posing one afternoon after class at Londinium.

Growing Up


Katja onboard on an unnamed ship.





Katja's upbringing mostly reflects in her morals and decisions. She rarely acts out in anger, at least publicly. She makes it a point to be friendly and make friends, almost to a fault. She rarely drinks and has never had any trouble with the law. She stays loyal to her friends and those that she is close with.


It is said that every 'Hero' has their downfall. That even the greatest of man (and woman) has a chink in the armor. If this is true, then it would have to also be said of Katja. Katja's relationship with Mantissa Avaria had been one of the most interesting times of her life. When she disappeared, and they broke up, it was very hurtful for her. She has since returned and is trying to make amends to her former girlfriend. This leads her to allow Mantissa to indulge in her more deviant excercises, sometimes drawing her in.

While Mantissa is her main weakness, it has been rumored that there are certain personnel on the Bonaventure and White Star who have similar control over her. These accusations have yet to be confirmed, however.