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"Kasia Wojciechowski"
Full name Monika Sobczak
Date of Birth March 23, 2499
Parents Jakub and Gracja Sobczak
Siblings None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green/Brown
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • No formal education

IC History

Long before the U-war, Jakub and Gracja Sobczak were both members of the Alliance military and in good standing. When hostilities increased between what would later be known as the Alliance and the Independent worlds, Jakub and Gracja deserted their posts to take up arms with the Browncoat rebellion. A young Monika was sent to live and be raised with distant relatives of the family. Neither Jakub and Gracja were heard of again when hostilities ceased between the two sides. It never became clear whether Monika's parents were incarcerated for desertion, killed in some battle, or simply had abandoned her. Whatever the true reason, the fact remained that they never returned for Monika. Instead, the young girl was raised on the colorful and fairly mysterious world of Paquin. Monika eventually learned to see the other, more seedy side of Paquin. That side that was always there, but sometimes was hidden under the masquerade of colorful personalities and clothing. A teenage Monika began to fall in with the "wrong" kind of crowd and she soon began to rid herself of any memories of her old life.

Monika Sobczak had become Kasia "Kas" Wojciechowski.

Kasia made the realization that one's life is far too short to experience all that the 'verse can offer. With so much suffering, violence, and now oppression in the 'verse, many people sought out ways to escape from all of this. Why be depressed and suffer when a little bit of this and a little bit of that will make you feel all that better? Kasia bought into this way of thinking and she even made a living out of facilitating and introducing others into this way of life. It did not matter if it was a recreational drug to ease the pain, a banned medical stimulant to increase one's awareness, or even a growth steroid to help a person become a better, stronger person. Kasia became one of those people that makes sure this demands was met with an adequate supply. Kas became a businesswoman...of sorts.


Kasia is very much a free-spirit when it comes to most things. She has no qualms with most vices in life. In fact, she embraces most of them and the people that commit them as they are often her closest business associates. Kasia wants to be as without suffering and pain as anyone of her clients and does have a sometimes addictive personality. She also can be a little withdrawn at times, choosing to sit back and regard a situation with a smirk than actively getting herself engaged in it. As a business woman, Kasia can be cold and impersonal, but acting any other way in her industry would get her killed and/or replaced. She's no fool, but Kasia does want to make a considerable amount of credits to be stowed away in her name.


-Enjoys taking risks in her normal life, but avoids risks in her business ventures
-Is skilled more with a knife than with a gun
-Never really knew her parents and has tried to forget what little she remembers
-Is a smoker -Loves her vodka -Dislikes the Core worlds and the people from them
-Only has ventured to planets other than Persephone and Paquin on rare occasion and never for long
-Considers Paquin to be her home and considers her close business associates as her actual 'family'


Kasia is known to frequently travel between Paquin and Persephone when conducting her business. She is also currently the cargo master of the Laverna.

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