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Full name Karolina Hart
Date of Birth April 14th, 2502
Parents Fyodor Hart, father; Grace Hart, mother
Siblings Gracie Hart, sister; Lyubov, brother
Spouse Unwed
Assignment n/a
Specialization Medical
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Cerulean Blue, Pale Blonde
Height and Weight 5'8", 125 lbs
Status Deceased
Education Information

Paquin Fine Arts and Music Academy
Medical University of Ariel


Karolina was born into relative wealth and privilege as the eldest daughter of Fyodor Hart, a rather successful lawyer, and Grace Hart, his beautiful (and a typical blonde) wife. She has never had the impression that their marriage was anything other than one of convenience; her mother gets a taste of the finer things in life while her father has a pretty trophy wife to show off at dinner parties. Thus, her upbringing was rather conservative, and she led a rather sheltered existence. Karolina lacked for nothing during her formative years and was generally treated like an adorable little possession that needed to be protected and cosseted and such.

Although previously taught by a private instructor at home, when she turned twelve, Karolina was enrolled at the Paquin Fine Arts and Music Academy. It was intended that she develop her painting and art talent there-- but her parents proved to be disinterested in her education, particularly when her younger brother Lyubov mysteriously went missing. Karolina was more or less left to her own devices and given enough 'guilt' money to need her mother and father very little. In her spare time, she does a little modeling, but quits the field after less than a year. It was widely speculated that she left due to an amphetamine addiction, but Karolina maintains that is a vicious rumor spread by jealous models, and that she simply didn't have the heart for it.

It was at the Paquin Academy that she met Liam Doherty. He was a recent transfer to the school; handsome, charismatic, an aspiring musician ... Karolina was quite taken by him and fell head-over-heels in love. This romance would end abruptly, however, when the pair became involved in an aerocar accident. Karolina and Liam were trapped in the wreckage-- he didn't die immediately, but it was a long time before Karolina was extracted from the vehicle, which left her beside her dead boyfriend for some. Karolina was hospitalized for some time and still bears some rather nasty scars from the ordeal.

Karolina refused to return to the Academy and her parents had little choice but to hire a private tutor. She finished her education thusly, and in time, her sister Gracie would be recalled from her own academy to join her. When the time came to decide if she would continue and seek a degree, Karolina applied and was accepted to the Medical University of Ariel for their nursing program. Her parents were suitably horrified ('why couldn't she become a doctor at least?') but Karolina was bound and determined to become an RN and help others.

Tragedy soon caught up with Karolina. The young woman was unfortunately killed when the Pirate Commonwealth targeted a residential area of Paquin in 2526, putting an end to her short but sorrow filled life.


2502: Karolina is born on Osirus to Fyodor Hart and his young wife, Grace.
2508: Karolina's younger sister Grace (known as 'Gracie') is born.
2510: Grace Hart gives birth to a much-awaited son, Lyubov Hart.
2514: Karolina is enrolled at the Paquin Fine Arts and Music Academy at the
      age of twelve. It is expected that she will graduate there.
2515: Lyubov, Karolina's little brother, goes missing. The police search and
      private investigators are hired, but the boy has still not been found.
2518: Spotted by a magazine photographer, Karolina does a little modeling,
      but soon discovers that she doesn't have the patience for it.
2518: Karolina meets Liam Doherty and the pair begin dating seriously.
2519: Karolina drops out of school and moves back home to Osirus after a
      horrific aerocar accident. A tutor is hired and she continues her
      education privately. Liam died, Karolina was left with horrible scars.
2520: Karolina enrolls in nursing school at the Medical University of Ariel.
2524: Karolina graduates as a Registered Nurse.
2526: Karolina meets her end when missiles are launched
      in a residential area of Paquin.

Theme Songs


Halleluja by Rufus Wainwright -- And love is not a victory march / It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah.
Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy -- Should've known you'd bring me heartache / Almost lovers always do.
Runs in the Family by Amanda Palmer -- And running is something that we've always done well and mostly I can't even tell what I'm running from.