Kallon Trovato

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Full name Kallon Trovato
Date of Birth August 19, 2489
Birthplace Boros
Parents Isambard Kingdom Brunel Trovato & Emma Bystre Trovato - presumed dead
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Assignment TBD
Specialization Tech: Engineering & Systems
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blonde & Blue
Height and Weight 5'8", 130lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Left the University of Persephone in 2518

Employment History

Long and varied, presently working at Phoenix Supplies


Kallon was born on Boros to a fairly simple life and a kind family. The Travatos lived in a smallish town and her father Izzy was never a wealthy man, though he did eventually scrape together enough savings to set up a shop in their hometown, which was beginning to do quite well financially until the war rolled through. Her mother, Emma, was a pillar of the local community, a well-regarded teacher who always stressed to children - her own in particular - the importance of education. Emma observed her daughter's natural aptitude for computers and various forms of tinkering, and rightly believed her daughter to possess a gift for all things technical.

Because of her mother's support, when Kallon was old enough, she left home for Persephone to learn a technical trade at the University of Persephone. While there, she learned all that she could about computers, she became quite interested in shipboard systems. Quitting the University was quite unintentional, as her service aboard the Arjuna's Chariot was supposed to simply be a summer job, though it quickly overtook her life and became quite the turning point in her life. During this time, Kallon's parents were killed during the fighting on Boros, unable to escape. Taking a short leave of absence to settle their affairs, Kallon returned to the Chariot far more closed-off and reserved, and with less of her chipper personality that had formerly been her trademark. Her immediate superior on the engineering staff, Daniel Naumann, worried about this change in her personality and took her under his wing. A friendship developed between the two, which quickly soured once Daniel confessed his romantic feelings for Kallon. This upset and distressed her to the point where she felt she was forced to leave the ship within that week, never speaking to the man again.

Ever since leaving the Arjuna's Chariot, Kallon has served aboard a myriad of ships as anything from a grease monkey to Communications Officer. Her service record is checkered with incidents of firings due to her sometimes-explosive temper, ranging from over-eager suitors to insufferable COs.


At present, Kallon works at Phoenix Supplies, as John Collins was kind enough to accept her into his organization. In her off hours, she studies all she can about the Dragonfly class, hoping to someday prove her worth to the captain of the Phoenix, Vakshlad Vor'dav. She's a bit of a tinker as well, and can often be found using the shop counter as her workbench as she reassembles various electronic gadgets, usually with notable improvements. She seems to be fairly content with the life, for the once-abrasive or reserved at best woman now seems to be fairly eager to spread her wings and meet new people, on most days. Nonetheless, that isn't to say she's still fairly shy around those whom she doesn't know, nor that she's able to control her temper any better than she has been in the past - just that she hasn't really had her buttons pushed since her most recent return to Persephone. She has also recently been in contact with her would-be alma mater, seeking to find some way to turn her years of experience into a true sheepskin in Engineering, perhaps to honor her mother's wishes for her to reach her full educational potential.