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Kallahan Shamaria
Kallahan Shamaria
Full name Kallahan Shamaria
Date of Birth October 31, 2482
Birthplace Kerry
Parents Marcus and Jarrana Shamaria
Siblings Sister: Carina
Spouse Carmen Shamaria
Assignment Owner of Kal's Custom Weapons
Specialization Weapons Modification
Gender male
Eyes and Hair Turquoise and Black
Status active
Employment History

Owner of Kal's Custom Weapons

Personal Notes

Allergy: Strawberries & Raspberries.

This is an alt of River's. If you need to contact this alt, please poke River in-game.

Background - Pre-PC

Born to Marcus and Jarrana Shamaria in a rather remote, out of the way town, on the rather remote, out of the way planet known as Kerry, Kallahan had a rather interesting childhood, for they were but a year apart, her the older. For though he was born in a remote, out of the way town, he wasn't raised there. Shortly after his birth, his parents moved to the city of New Dunsmuir on the planet Beaumonde, where his father, Marcus, opened a weaponshop. It was here that his childhood turned rather... interesting. Growing up around all sorts of weapons, he learned about small arms and how to handle a great many melee weapons, as well as a bit about heavy arms. It was here he also learned about his fathers' business, how to haggle for the best prices, how to tinker with the guns, to take them apart, clean them, put them back together, and modify them. Everything he'd need to know in later years to run the family business when his father retired. He also learned to play a carved wooden flute. He was around nine when his allergy to strawberries was discovered. When he was ten years old, his parents had a baby girl, a daughter named Carina. And he was twelve when his allergy for raspberries developed.

When he was old enough, he decided to join the army, the Independant army. This is where he learned sniping. Here, he learned a great many other things as well. Survival, cooking, tactics and stealth, and more about heavy arms. A photographic memory helped him learn, and remember, everything he was ever taught. He also discovered cigarellos while he was in the army. He remained within the army for his tour of duty, re-enlisting twice before retiring, with honors, at an early age due to an accident toward the end of the Unification war. On a river patrol, he was running the guns on a patrol boat, when a mine went off near his portion of the boat. Thrown from the boat, shrapnel within his skin and rather unable to move for the pain, Kallahan sunk like a stone toward the bottom of the river. Though he was rescued, he still carries the scars from that, both inside and out. On his skin, and in his fear of water. Deep water, really. In any case, he was honorably discharged and returned to Beaumonde to take over the family business. Perhaps understandably, he still has nightmares to this day.

Some several years later, after both of his parents had a nice house of their own and had fully retired, Kallahan left the business in that city, for it was doing quite well, in the hands of his younger sister, Carina. He decided to open another weaponshop, one on Persephone. After sealing a deal for some land and an already existing building, Kallahan has moved there and moved things around to his satisfaction. From time to time, he returns to Beaumonde, to check on his family and his little sister.


2482: (Halloween) Born on Kerry.

2485: (Spring) Family moved to New Dunsmuir on Beaumonde. Training in Smithing and martial arts commenses.

2494: (Summer) Berry allergy develops.

2500: (Fall) Signed up with the Independent Army. Learned sniping, cigarellos, and many things in between.

2504: Re-enlists with the Independent army.

2508: Re-enlists with the Independent army again.


  • (March) Blew up by a water mine. Quit smoking.
  • (May) Unification day.
  • (June) Honorably Discharged from the Independent Army.


  • (Spring) Opens a Business on Persephone. Kal's Custom Weapons, or KCW.
  • (Summer) Meets Calira, falls in love.


  • (December) Met Carmen.


  • (January) Carmen moves in with Cal and I. Nickname: Canary.
  • (February 12) Got into a firefight with some thugs. Carmen is shot.
  • (March 5) Moira, Feria and Braedyn's daughter, born in Kal's living room.
  • (May) Calira disappears while away on a BHG assignment.
  • (May - September) Went off the grid, bodyguarding for Carmen.
  • (November 29) Assassins begin targeting Attorney General nominees. More bodyguarding to come.


  • (January 8) Jacob Storn turns back up on Persephone. I want to kill him for hurting Carmen. Bastard.
  • (February 3) Carmen lost her memory due to Aldesterone poisoning. I realize that I've come to love her.
  • (February 20) Carmen went batshit insane and then collapses and nearly dies. Stop at Gao Fang She Tong clinic, then on to Shenjing for more treatment. Same attackers as before? Aldesterone again. Going to kill these bastards when I find out who they are. Oh, they got me too, but it's Carmen I'm worried about.
  • (February 21) My first kiss with Carmen.
  • (April 8) Carmen's memory is finally fully restored. Yay, she remembers me!
  • (April 12) Calira resurfaces on Persephone after being missing nearly a year. The reunion is bittersweet. I'm involved with Carmen now. Cal seems to understand and is happy for us. I do worry about her.
  • (April 24) I finally proposed. She accepted!
  • (June 27) After much anger at Roberto, and talking into the proceedure by Carmen, Sink, and Lirin, I got my heart transplant. Roberto and Lirin perform the marathon 12-hour surgery at the Dumont Estate on Paquin in their state-of-the-art medical facility. I'm still angry at Roberto.
  • (September 6) We adopt two more kitties. I found them abandoned in a trash dumpster behind the apartment.
  • (September 14) Carmen got shot when someone attacked us on Beamonde. Several weeks are spent at my parents' place while she recovers.
  • (October 24) Carmen and I get married on Newhall. Ceremony is small. Just like I like it.
  • (December 28-29) Carmen is kidnapped on Persephone and held for nearly 24 hours before the team and I can locate and rescue her. Bloody idiots, shouldn't have tried using Carmen to strong arm me. They got the short end of the stick that time.


  • (February 3) Tortued near to death. I thought I could trust my ex-Browncoat mates. It was their way of punishing me for getting too buddybuddy with the Alliance to keep my business running. Carmen and the team rode to the rescue just in time.
  • (June 30) A belated birthday celebration on Beaumonde turns tragic when the pub where Carmen & friends have gathered is bombed by unknown parties for unknown reasons. Most of the guests (Braedyn, Calira, Feria, Kyle & Sink) are injured, though Carmen and Kal escaped with only minor smoke inhalation.
  • (September 25) Carmen's been having headaches and memory lapses for a few weeks. Took her to what is now the Book. They diagnosed her with an inoperable malignant brain tumor. Fuck that. Taking her to Lirin and Roberto. Still mad at him, but for Carmen I'll get over it. They're more than willing to pursue a more aggressive course of treatment. Hope is restored.
  • (October 24) It's our first wedding anniversary. We celebrated at Dumont Manor. We're staying here anyway for Charmen's chemo.
  • (November 30) Carmen's tumor is successfully removed. Lirin and Roberto did an excellent job.
  • (December 25) Christmas dinner with the Dumont-Fists.


  • (January 2) We're finally returning home to Persephone.
  • (April) Brae and Feria are getting a divorce. That's not the greatest news. Feria left in the process, abandoning her role as Captain of the Uisge. I do hope everything is okay with her.
  • (May) Moira comes home to live with them and Braedyn.
  • (May) Russell Cymbeline arrives on scene. Seems to be a decent enough sort. He's helping out with the Uisge.
  • (June-July) Isabelle has come to stay with us for the summer before college starts in the fall. She's going study on Ariel to be a vet.
  • (July) Carmen is going to go into nursing school! I'm so proud of her.
  • (September 11) This was not a most glorious day. Marianne has kidnapped me. Thankfully, I managed to get away 3 days later. How'd I wind up on Boros?
  • (October 15) Our animal shelter on Persephone is vandalized and the petty cash stolen. At least they didn't hurt the animals.
  • (October 22) And I thought the day Marianne kidnapped me sucked. No, definitely not a good day. Never taking anxiety meds again. Not when they can pull a man down so low he'd rather die than continue to live. I'm so sorry, Carmen. I never meant for this to happen. I don't know /how/ it happened.
  • (Late November) We rehired Marianne after the Uisge was recovered.


  • (March) New ranch on Paquin, 40 acres. Yay, wilderness!
  • (June 29) Sidney is born! Aboard the Each Uisge, Carmen gives birth to her and Kallahan's first child.
  • (August 22) Each Uisge broke. Kallahan is no help at all, but the crew finds the Choronos adrift in the Black.
  • (October) Chronos is purchased from Gilbert Galloway (NPC). Carmen has a brilliant idea. Call her Horizon. Kallahan loves it.


  • (January 1) The Horizon takes her maiden voyage.

Random Facts

  • Doting co-parent of four adorable kitties, two of which (Kipper and Maximus) were bred and hand-picked by Damian Carmichael for his (ill-fated, but highly profitable) charity kitten auction in December 2526.
  • Loves the outdoors, if it doesn't involve water.
  • Extremely allergic to strawberries and raspberries and similar types of berries.
  • Jogger. It helps to keep in shape to keep up with the youngsters.
  • Avid martial artist, works out on a regular basis.
  • Blacksmith, bladesmith, weaponsmith.
  • Loves cooking and excells at it.
  • Don't ask him to fly a ship. He'd be the first to tell you how bad an idea that would be.
  • Favorite colors: Deep blues, purples, greens.
  • Favorite fruit: Cantelope.
  • Survivor of major heart surgery.

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Carmen and Kallahan purchased the Horizon in the fall of 2531. She was a derelict at the time, floating abandoned in the black. But with bit of care (and financial investment), she's flying true again and running cargo around the Verse.