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Kalidasa, also known as Xuan Wu (Black Tortoise) in Chinese, is in the second major orbital path around White Sun - farther out than Georgia and Red Sun, but not as far out as Blue Sun. The worlds in orbit around Kalidasa include:

Second: Verbena, orbited by APC-088
Third: Constance
Seventh: Angel
Tenth: Whittier, orbited by Ita Moon
Eleventh: protostar Penglai
First from Penglai: Beylix, orbited by Charity
Second from Penglai: Newhall, orbited by Darcke
Thirteenth: Aberdeen, orbited by Freehold Station
Fifteenth: Beaumonde
Seventeenth: Salisbury

(Objects in bold are coded, not all orbits are shown.)