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Kalani vs. Ocelot
Full name Kalani Isaac Levy
Date of Birth October 8th, 2499
Parents Howard (January 17, 2465 - living) and Geni (May 9, 2468 - living)
Siblings Faye (October 24th, 2506 - July 20, 2518)
Assignment Chief Engineer, Tienlong
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel eyes, black hair and goatee
Height and Weight 5'10", 155 lbs.
Education Information
  • University of Ariel, School of Engineering (2517-2518)
Military Service
  • No military service.


Born on Ariel, Kalani was graced with a privileged upbringing. His father's position as a prestigious doctor at St. Lucy's Hospital allowed for a luxurious lifestyle. However, his father's profession kept him away from home for long periods of time and even when he was, there was little interaction between father and son. His mother held a majority of the influence over Kalani's upbringing as a child, but even that was diminished with the birth of his younger sister. Being born with a chronic heart condition, much of his parents' attention was focused on their daughter, leaving their son to his own devices often times. Much of his free time as a child was spent playing with various electronics and computers, often time disassembling them beyond recognition before reassembling them by memory. Attending the best schools available, he excelled in subjects involving math and science which continued through his short stint at the University of Ariel's School of Engineering.


By all regards, he carries the appearance of a very average young man. Standing approximately 5'10" tall and 155 pounds in weight, he carries his moderate frame confidently. His speech is free of any sort of accent, although he is known to be overly formal with new acquaintances as those from the Core often tend to do. His hair is kept cut at a short length, his face usually cleanly shaven except the goatee on his chin.