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Kalandria is dead.

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Full name Kalandria Mitchell
Date of Birth December 24, 2504
Birthplace Ariel
  • Father: Peter Mitchell, Ex-Alliance, Financial Adminstrator on Ariel
  • Mother: Tessie Mitchell, born Whitaker, Cook
Siblings None
Spouse None to date
Assignment Gibbon Squad, 63rd Federals, Alliance Ground Forces
Specialization Infantry
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown/Black
Height and Weight 182cm
Status Deceased
Education Information
  • primary school on Ariel, age 6 till 14
  • army-oriented high school on Ariel, age 14 till 17
  • Alliance Ground Forces Academy, age 17 till 18
Military Service
  • Gibbon Squad, Fox Platoon, A Company, 63rd Federals, Alliance Ground Forces


Kalandria Mitchell is a slender woman of slightly above average height. To be exact, she stands at 182cm and weighs 78kg. She is well-trained in running and swimming which shows on her arms and calfs; her breasts are firm but not of noteworthy size. Her face is a bit bulky, with brown eyes and short black hair cut in a military style.


On Leave

She wears black combat boots and a military belt to black pants and an olive-green tank top, over it a worn-out linen shirt in a lighter olive tone, military standard but discarded from official use. It carries stitchings telling of it having been issued to the 63rd Fed Division, Gibbon Squad. Epaulettes embroidered with a chevron on each one denote a rank of Private 1st Class. Strapped over her shoulders, hanging from her back, is also a duffel bag in a greyish tone of green.

Utility uniform

The standard utility uniform mainly consists of trousers and a blouse made from a combination of nylon and cotton. Both are colored in the same digital camouflage pattern consisting of various shades of grey and greyish purple. The trousers are tucked into the black combat boots while the blouse ends in a light-purple Mandarin collar to which the black Private's insignia chevrons are pinned; additionally, the Alliance logo is embroidered on the left chest pocket. On her back or nearby on the floor is a backpack in the same camouflage pattern, and a grey belt strapped to her torso to allow for the carrying of sidearms, ammunition clips, First-Aid Kit and various other equipment. On her head is a camouflaged utility cover or a pitch-black combat helmet, which usually dangles from the backpack unless in a combat situation, and is equipped with nightvision and protective eyeglasses.



Born third child of a second-rate chef (mother) and a financial administrator (father) on Ariel, Kalandria exhibited a talent for sports very early and by practicing swimming and running in clubs developed good constitution. Born after the end of the unification war on a core world, she has no prejudice against the Alliance and thus signs an application to enroll for Alliance military training when she is 14. She attends a special high-school till the age of 17, then enters boot camp on Osiris, and at the age of 18, now proficient in military protocol and procedure, and skilled in infantry combat, she is selected for SAS tryouts, but fails psychological evaluation after 3 weeks of inhuman bootcamp on Londinium. So she is discarded for elite service and returns to her cadet bataillon on Osiris to complete infantry training. She leaves the academy with an above-average graduation, awaiting an assignment to active duty.


  • Apr 04, 2523 - Transfer to IAV Temperance for active duty. Assigned to Gibbon Squad. Introduction to the ship and issuance of personal equipment from F Platoon Leader, CWO Adrian Calhoun.
  • Jun 08, 2523 - Regular Promotion to Lance Corporal
  • Oct 31, 2523 - Regular Promotion to Corporal
  • 2524 - Deceased