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Kaeytlin Isani
Kaeytlin Isani
Full name Kaeytlin Isani
Date of Birth June, year unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Assignment Security, Dark Dragon
Specialization Security and Bounty
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark Green/Black
Status active
Personal Notes

Allergy: Peanuts that she knows of, others she does not.


Pretty enough to catch a person's eye, and maybe even hold it for long enough that a better look is taken. She looks to be about 25 years old, though it's possible she could be less or more than that as well. Readily estimated would be her height, for she's of an average one, standing only at about 5'5".

Her cheeks and nose are free of any mark or blemish, and her skin is of a pale complexion. Green eyes touched with a hint of darker shades look out to the world, a slight slant to their set giving her a touch of an exotic appearance. Typically there is little emotion upon her face, her lips showing hardly a whisper of a smile at all. This woman is crowned with hair that is a dark and inky black, touched only barely with lighter highlights that have likely been brought there by the sun's rays.
Kaeytlin Isani
Her hair reaches to a little past mid back and is fairly straight but with slight waves to it. More often than not, however, her hair is held in a fairly strict braid that is secured at the bottom with a black elastic. Slight tendrils frame her face, though more often than not they have been brushed back and tucked behind her ears. Dangling from her earlobes are two pairs of earrings, the first of which is a small cross, and the second of which is a simple hoop, and both sets are made of silver.

Kaeytlin Isani

From her face, your gaze travels down the smooth skin of her neck and towards her semi-broad shoulders, which hold a shirt of midnight blue that buttons up her chest. The top few buttons of her shirt have been left undone to form a rough vee just at her cleavage, revealing pale there as well. The shirt is styled to fit fairly close while still being comfortable. The sleeves button at the wrist, a bit of fabric gathered there, and over her shirt she wears a snug-fitting embossed black leather vest that laces up, though the laces are often left untied. A well-endowed bosom fills out her shirt, though is perhaps somewhat understated by what she wears. Just below the nape of her neck, mostly hidden by the lengths of her hair, a tattoo resides. Inked in colour, a ferocious dragon flies up from her back, it's wings spread, coloured in deep greens and blues, a gout of flame being spouted from its mouth.

Kaeytlin Isani

Below her shirt, Kaeytlin wears a pair of black denims that fit her somewhat loose, for comfort and ease of motion. The pants are a little faded with wear, but in the normal places. While her outfit doesn't exactly show off her womanly figure, it doesn't hide it either, nor does it hide her athletic nature. On her feet she wears a pair of black leather boots that have a half-inch heel to them, her pantlegs pulled down overtop of them. Either worn or carried by the slender woman is a black leather duster.

Background - PC

Wandering from planet to planet on the hunt for bounties, Kaeytlin has seen many sides of the world at large. She tended to keep herself aloof from people that she crossed paths with, making acquaintances -- but not really making lasting friends. In the course of her profession, she made a few enemies, though thankfully none of those have sought to make her life difficult for it. Yet.

Along her travels, she met a redheaded woman named Cassandra Nitharial who also happened to be a bounty hunter. A true friend, and the first person whose company she's actually chosen to keep for more than a week's worth of time. She and Cassandra are still together, and both of them serve as crew to the Dark Dragon. Though their bounty hunting activities are more muted now for sake of being part of a crew, it is still something that they dabble in time and again.

After a bad day, even you might look like death warmed over..