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We will forsake our countries.

We will leave our motherlands behind us and become one with this earth. We have no nation. We go where we're needed, fighting, not for government, but for familia.

We need no reason to fight. We fight because we are needed.

We will be the deterrent for those with no other recourse. We are Churara, our purpose defined by the era we live in.

We will sometimes have to sell ourselves and services. If the times demand it, we'll be revolutionaries, criminals, terrorists.

And yes, we may all be headed straight to hell. But what better place for us than this?

It's our only home. Our heaven and our hell. This is our Outer Heaven.


Since Pirate incursions and racist terrorists have been on the rise. Striking against peaceful Roma who are also pacifist. Their counterparts, the Churara of the Kris Shena, have been needed even more. They tried Romany Brigades in the Alliance Military. Those were phased out for various reasons. Then there was the Romany Marshal's Service which was shut down only months after its inception. The Kris Shena Churara have been stopped at every turn when trying to form and organize a proper defense force.

However in August 2528, A meeting was held on Paquin regarding the Kris Shena Churara and this problem. The 'Sword' of the largest congress of Romani in the known 'verse and all its assets were to be 'incorporated' into a Private Military Company (PMC). Organization and operation of traditional Churara were to change over a period of time and infrastructure money was to be funded to the new leader of this Organization for buildings an supplies. The Churara, by Tradition, are the protectors of the Romani and shall stay that way. The joining of the PMC voluntary. However, the new leadership and organization makes the efforts of Churara smoother and more cohesive but still leaves that semblance of individuality.

The Kris Shena Churara, after its major victory over Legion, is now officially recognized by the Alliance:

The Charter of The Kris Shena Defense Force

Persuent to the new status of the Kris Shena and Deadwood now with a modified and specific Suzerainty as a protectorate of the Anglo-Sino Alliance. This charter will mark officially the creation of the Kris Shena Defense Force (from now on referred to as the KSDF) and list the allowance of said group and the rights in which they are allowed to operate.

The KSDF will be scheduled as a Private Military Company (or PMC) under Sec. 47 Ss 77 of the Alliance General Law with a sole contractual obligation to the entity known as the Kris Shena and the Protectorate of Deadwood. They may take contracts outside of their sole Obligation as they see fit, including Alliance Bounties and Contracts. They will abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the previously mentioned AGL pertaining to PMCs and other Alliance Military Contractors. Unless otherwise pointed out in this charter or in the Suzerainty of Deadwood. The KSDF will maintain its current organization, operations, holdings, weapons contracts, and leadership with the autonomy to change it if so desired.

All recruits are voluntary and shall sign a four year contract with the PMC with chances for renewal.

All recruits will spend 1 to 2 years (of their choosing) in Alliance Reserves in which they will get basic combat training as well as specialized career training. They will then attend the Natsia Churara Academy for readjustment into the KSDF and further training.

All troops will be properly licensed to carry their firearms and issued an Alliance Peace Keeper Card (APKC) for any contract work.

Upon retirement, any employee of the KSDF will be eligible for Alliance Contract Work on their own and cycled into 4 years of active reserves, then life time of inactive reserves in the 13th Division.

The number of Active Duty KSDF employees will not exceed 200,000.

The KSDF will have sole military authority over the Protectorate of Deadwood. (see Suzenry of Deadwood for specific information)

As such, being the front line in the fight against the Reaver threat, and as demonstrating a need after years of harassment from Pirates, the KSDF will be allotted 1 Heavy Frigate and a number of armed support craft and fighters (Amount decided by Alliance). All will be paid for, built, and maned by the KSDF and their contractors. They will be tracked by Alliance High Command who will receive daily briefings on ship movements, operations, and activities.

There will be a 30 day reprieve on reports to Alliance High Command in regards to any sorties or actions taken by any KSDF forces in regards to an immediate threat.

Natsai Churura Academy

The academy will have several courses, serving both as an academic and warrior medium. The amount of time spent at the Academy is directly related to the amount of time recruits spent on their required service in the Alliance Reserves and the training they sought.

History, Mathematics, Language, and Humanities will be taught and be the main focus of these students but they will also spend hours leaning small unit tactics, weapons care and shooting, Melee, and Martial Combat. They will also choose one specialty to qualify in upon or before graduation.

Fire Arms Specialty




Martial Arts Specialty

Kajukenbo (Martial Arts)

Melee Combat Specialty


Eskrima (Melee Attack, Parry, Dirty Pool)

Specialization Qualifications:

The Academy also offers continuing education and specialization qualifications for specific career choices. These are necessary for advancement in the ranks of the Kris Shena Churara.

Unit Tactics (Tactics: Ground Forces, Formations, Urban Warfare base 50)

Command (Command, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Persuade, Psychology, Willpower at base 50)

IT professional (Computer Use, Computer Program, Security Systems, Engineer: Computers, Electrical, Electronics, Repair: Personal Equipment at base 50)

Intelligence (Streetwise, Gather Information, Tracking, Computer Use, Interrogate at base 50)

Marksmen (Firearms: Sidearms, Repeater, Rifle, Spot, Listen, Dodge at base 50)

Heavy Weapons (Gunnery: all, Spot, Dodge at base 50)

Grand Master (Martial Arts, Dirty Pool, at base 50)

Melee Master (Melee: Attack, Parry, Thrown Weapon, Run: all, Jump, Acrobatics, Dirty Pool at base 50)

Explosives Specialist (Demolitions, Engineering: Chemistry, Physics at base 50)

Medical Professional (Surgery, First Aid, Medicine at base 50 optional courses in Virology, Toxicology, Pharmacology and all other medical needs.)

Survival (Survival, First Aid, Medicine at base 50 with optional adjusters of Legal and Herbal Pharmaceutical skills.)

Engineer/Researcher (Engineer: all, Repair: all, Systems: all, Carpentry, Science: any or all at base 50)

Pilot (Pilot: all, Astrogation, Star Systems, Science: Astronomy at base 50)

This is the longest and hardest specialization to get.

Spec Ops/Black Ops/Espionage Big Damn Hero (Move Silently, Hide, Disguise, Concealment, Persuasion, Seduction, Security Systems, Sleight of Hand, Escape Artist, Rope Use, Climb, Rock Climb, Run: all, Swim: all, Acrobatics, Con Artist, Dodge, Jump, First Aid, Computer Use, Pick Pocket, Firearms: sidearms, Melee Attack, Melee Parry, Thrown Weapon, Dirty Pool, Martial Arts, Psychology, Gather Information, Streetwise, Tracking, Willpower, Interrogate, Survival, Bargain, Value, Demolitions, Pilot: Transports, Astrogation, Intimidate, Gambling, Spot, Listen, Dodge at base 50)


General History

General Mathematics

General Rhetoric and Writing

General Humanities

(History and Culture skills at base 30.)

Upon reaching the completion of the student official qualification they are free to go off and work as a Churara the best way they see fit to their people. However, they are not without a hierarchy. Churara are advised upon graduation to stay within their assigned watch area's or Divisions. There are 13 Divisions, each with a leader with the rank of Captain. These Companies have an Assistant Captain or Lieutenant that assist with the organization of Churara. Even though Churara act on their own most of the time as lone peace keepers, in times of need they may be called to form up with their unit. Graduation comes when combat skills reach 40 or a skill set defined as 'professional.' meaning green numbers and students have passed an entrance exam into one of the Divisions of their choosing.

Organization, Ranks, and Rate

The 13 Divisions, in contrast to the normal operations of modern-day militaries, does not operate as a cohesive unit normally. The command of the divisions are generally left to the discretion of its particular Captain, who commonly runs it whatever way he or she sees fit, allowing for the change of a division's traditional duties to an entirely new set and even the creation of a separate institution connected to the division. The 13 Division's main duty is to defend the Romani people.

The only general authority to call forth a combined front would be that of an edict from the Romany Kriss or Congress, or more often the Commander. It is not uncommon for Captains to not see each other as a whole group for long periods of time, except for cases involving a threat to all of the Romany Society, a Captain's punishment, or to a lesser degree, a Captain's promotion. On a regular basis, the Captains are spread out all across the 'verse doing their Divisions' duties, whatever they may be. They are, in fact, so far spread out that getting the Captains together as a group, or even getting their lieutenants together as a group, could normally take a day or more to accomplish.

Unless specifically ordered by the Commander, captains can choose whether or not to attend meetings (at their own risk) or not even involve themselves in the daily situations of the Romani People. Captains are not allowed, without permission, to carry out activities outside of their normal jurisdiction or their division. The captain of one division cannot punish the subordinates of another Captain. The Zero Division is not officially part of the 13 Divisions...


The Captains congregate together in the main hall of the First Division Headquarters on Paquin to discuss important issues involving their specific divisions and matters that affect Romany Society. This council is highly formal with the Commander leading its proceedings. All captains are considered equal (with the exception of the Commander) and determine the course of their individual division unless dictated otherwise by the Commander.

The Commander is the supreme leader of the 13 Divisions. The position requires the Captain-Commander to oversee the overall operations of the Divisions when the well being of The Romany people are at stake. The only power the Commander is answerable to is the Kriss/Congress.

The current holder of this title is Captain Kyoshiro Mibu.

Captains are generally the most respected Churara within the Romani Society.

Captains determine the course, organization, tactics and policy of their Division. The power a captain has over his/her Division is absolute and cannot be questioned by subordinates or the Captains of the other Divisions. A Captain can choose to change the Division specialty. Due to Captains having supreme authority in their respective division the divisions have become separate entities and not a cohesive military. In this way they only have the right to punish the actions of their subordinates and not those of other divisions unless in the instance that the division in question has no current captain or the subordinates actions are against the laws or rules of Romany Society.

Although not commonly stated, the true power of the Romani Society lies in the Captains of the Thirteen Divisions, as they are the leaders of its military arm. With them at full strength Romani Society is safe. If they are broken, their strength dwindles making them highly vulnerable.

There are three different ways to become a Thirteen Division Captain:

1. Captain proficiency test: A test which requires the ability to perform All combat skills (base 69 or higher) Captains must have all three Combat Qualifications, Command, and three extra. Presumably, most Churara become Captains using this method. At least three existing captains, including the Commander, have to witness the test.

2.Personal Recommendation: To have personal recommendations from at least six Captains and approval from at least three of the remaining seven.

3.Trial by Combat: To defeat a Captain one-on-one with at least 200 witnesses from the Captain's division. This method is seen as being the exceedingly rarest of the three as well as the least refined. The method is commonly looked down upon by some as barbaric compared to the other refined methods. This method also allows one to bypass having the mastery of Combat skills or other possible abilities that a Captain would otherwise be required to have knowledge of, as it allows no judgement from captains who would require those skills as a prerequisite to join their ranks.


Lieutenants function as executive officers for their division, taking care of or supervising day-to-day operations. They (along with their Captains) are not assigned to one specific squad. In the case of a division Captain's death, departure, or other circumstances making him unable to perform their duties, the lieutenant acts as the "Substitute Captain" until another can be assigned. Lieutenants must have four specialization qualifications. (Base 50 or higher)


These Churara are experienced sometimes more so then their Lieutenants knowing of several combat tactics, weapon uses, and placement. They lead numbers of Churara into combat and training. Most have a special rank such as Brigade, Battalion, Company, or Platoon Sargent with Command over several other Sargents. They are distinguishable by special patches, pips, or clothing of their Divisions desire and design. In order to obtain the rank of Sargent a Gavver must have two Specialization Qualifications.


The Basic Churara, not really remarkable but you do your part for your community. May have a rank of Squad or Fireteam leader distinguishable by patches, pips, or clothing of their Divisions desire and design.

Unit Organization Example:

Commander: Kyoshiro Mibu


Captain (1)
Lieutenant (1)
    Brigade (3 or more)
    Regiment (6 or more)
    Battalion (9 or more)
    Company (27 or more)
    Platoon (81 or more)

    Squad Leader (243 or more)
    Fireteam Leader (729 or more)

The Size of the Divisions are small but still depend on the size of the community it's stationed in. As a rule of thumb there are usually only 15,000 Churara for every division (except for the Zero Division) making them close to 200,000 strong in active members. Being a Churara is a life choice, something that no one can be forced into. Churara young and old can be called up at anytime because it is their job within their community to protect it.

Rate Payment

Seeing as being a Churara is a life choice, there is a salary provided by the Kris to those who serve in the divisions. It is not much, but is enough seeing as they do not prosecute those from joining a shipping crew or another profession to make ends meet as long as first and foremost they are protectors of the Romani.

Captains: 30 Credits

Lieutenants: 20 Credits

Sargent: 15 Credits

Gavver: 10 Credits

Cadet: 5 Credits


There is no dress uniform for a Churara unless chosen by their Division. Churara are usually signified by a 'dog-tag' that they wear at all times unless otherwise stated. On one side is their technical information while on the reverse you can find the flower of their division. Sargents or Gavver with leadership positions may wear a special type of clothing, pip, or patch as an indicator. Security types may wear simply Khakis and Polo shirts. Other Divisions may have combat wear, uniforms, or other dress specific to job types. Captains are formally given a white Haori with the flower of their division inside the 13 Division's symbol. The interior of the Haori is colored in the color of their Division. They may choose to wear it as they will, or something different. Lieutenants wear a black frock, long coat, or great coat and have a white badge across their right upper arm with their division symbol unless otherwise specified by Division or mission. Everyone is issued gear on completion of their courses at the Academy. Other weapons and armor from personal stores can be used and are encouraged.

Zero Division

The Zero Division is made up of former captains of the 13 Divisions who have been promoted to this level. The initial batch is that of the 99 formerly of the Romany Marshals Service. The Division is a special organization that performs services for the Kriss. It has a considerable amount of fighting, organizational, and executive power compared to other organizations. They are also responsible for protecting the Kris and the Government. They are also charged with missions that the public will never hear about. Their identities are kept secret for the protection of their families and the Romany People. They do not have and distinguishing clothing, pips, or patches.

  • Captain: Unknown

First Division

Defense Group of Paquin. Quick Response Outfit. The First Division's Job is largely executive. They run the paperwork and act as messengers for the entire Thirteen Divisions (COMSEC). Though, they are not without significant fighting ability. This Division is mainly based on Paquin. Sargents wear a purple sleeveless Tabard with a design on the back indicating the kind they are. Gavver wear purple Berets.

The Commander's Elite Guard

  • Brigade Sargent: Charles Menson (NPC)
  • Brigade Sargent: Andrew Jorisha (NPC)
  • Brigade Sargent: Roberto Malta (NPC)

Sigil: Chrysanthemums

Color: Deep Purple

Second Division

If one trained in special ops at the academy, this is their home after graduation. They usually don't wear their dog tags or insignia while on missions for obvious reasons. They prefer to work in small units and know their comrades well enough to accomplish this seeming lack of organization.

Sigil: Pasque Flower

Color: Dark Orange

Third Division

The third division handles logistics, transportation, quarter mastering, and Aerospace Defense. If you need supplies this is the division to call. They are also not without fighting ability.

Sigil: Marigold

Color: Spring Green

Fourth Division

Based on all Romany planets and Vardos, this is one of the most stretched out divisions of all dealing strictly with medical aid.

  • Captain:

Sigil: Bellflower

Color: Puce

Fifth Division

The intelligence group.

  • Captain:

Sigil: Lily of The Valley

Color: Pale Turquoise

Sixth Division

The defense group of Beylix.

Sigil: Camellia

Color: Cobalt Blue

Seventh Division

The defense group of Deadwood.

Sigil: Iris

Color: Dark Tan

Eighth Division

The defense group of New Melbourne.

Sigil: Strelitzia

Color: Raspberry Rose

Ninth Division

The ninth division is the Romany's internal investigation unit. Based on Paquin, they make sure everything within all units is running within regulation and Romani Law. They also deal with the Policing of Roma and Peacekeeping. Known for their Olive Drab dress shirts and slacks, light blue Berets, and rainbow colored kerchiefs. They are the third most spread out unit next to the Fourth and Tenth Division.

  • Captain:

Sigil: White Poppy

Color: Tenne

Tenth Division

This group is responsible for the protection of the Romany who live on Vardos and other planets without a large Rom population or major clan. They are the second most spread out unit next to the Fourth Division.

  • Captain:

Sigil: Daffodil

Color: Dark Green

Eleventh Division

A pure combat oriented unit. If the Romany ever have a place where they need to send an attack force in number, this is the unit to call.

Sigil: Yarrow

Color: Lavender

Twelfth Division

The Salisbury Defense Group and R n D.

Sigil: Thistle

Color: Olive Green

Thirteenth Division

This is the reserve forces. It's members are scattered all over the place. This is more then likely the largest unit, compromising of the eldest Churara who no longer are as involved as they once were or retired/inactive.

Sigil: Snowdrop

Color: Maroon

It's of note that the Eleventh and Second division come together as one unit to face off against the Zero Division in a series of War Games every year.

Major Assets

Outer Heaven (Classified)

Compound on Jiangyin (Administration and Basic Training complex. Former Legion outpost.)

Compound on Paquin (Administration, training, 1st Division Compound. Former Legion outpost)

Bar Valo, LLC on Paquin (Hospital, Meeting Area, Security Personel)



Unarmed Transports and multiple private contracts