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Full name Kasey Anne Chambliss
Birthplace Santo
Parents Reva and Jack
Siblings None
Spouse None
Specialization Nursing
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown Blonde
Height and Weight 5'6" 115 Lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Nursing School


Her blonde hair is cut in a pixie style that only seems to enhance the youthful look of the young woman. She has dimples when she smiles a button nose, full lips, and darkish brows that arch over big brown eyes. She is slender and average in height, neither exquisitely graceful nor dreadfully clumsy, looking every bit the part of the girl next door.

She's wearing black cargo pants and a black t-shirt, black lace-up boots, a grey jacket, and a backpack. A worn, black messenger bag is slung across her body to rest on her left side.

Back Story

Coming soon.