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Full name Jupiter Barnes
Spouse Melinda Barnes
Assignment Corsair, Arctic Raider II
Specialization Military
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown, white
Status Active

Jupiter Barnes, Pirate Commonwealth.


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Jupiter joined up with the pirates thinking that her line of work and theirs would work perfectly together. She'd pulled some jobs at a few banks and was beginning to run low on money with her girlfriend, and partner in crime, Dallas. The two of them broke up for a time to get away from the law and Jupiter found the pirates and joined up. Dallas came back and Jupiter got caught between a battle of wills to keep her around. Dallas lost when she and Frost got into an argument and Frost bashed her head in, leaving her almost dead. It was then that Frost offered Jupiter a dilemma. He gave her a gun with one bullet and shut the door to the jail. The door was not to be opened until one person was dead. Jupiter shot her wife to finish Frost's job as Dallas was already pretty much gone. It was a mercy killing.

Things went on within the pirate commonwealth as Jupiter was trying her best to move up in the ranks. Until an unfortunate mistake on her part lead her into Frost's cross hairs once more. She was knocked down in rank and given a sound whipping from Frost.

Eventually, Jupiter fell in with a woman that would become her second wife, Nike. It was too bad that she got into a fight with parts of the commonwealth and lost her life.

The pirate commonwealth went into a state of flux about this time and Jupiter went AWOL to try and find some other place where she felt needed. She didn't find it and eventually she ended up back at the pirates. A nice punch from Frost and she was fully back with the only place she belonged. Still, something deep had changed in the woman and she was not quite the woman she once was. She was greeted with Dallas' skeleton in the bed of her new cabin, a present from the Pirate Queen, Lareina. Jupiter grabbed her and proceeded to polka around the room with the skeleton. She even wears a finger bone around her neck.

Still, Jupiter was able to move on and found love once more. September, 2529... Jupiter was feeling a little randy one night and grabbed the first pretty thing she saw, Melinda, and took her to bed. A couple months later Melinda asked Jupiter to marry her and Jupiter accepted.


Jupiter's hair is back to that stark white and sheered down to a minimum as it spikes off her skull. A set of stunning blue eyes hold a certain amount of wisdom and crazy in them as she looks about. She has a certain youthful appearance but around her eyes are some faint wrinkles that show her age. She sometimes has a smile on her face but when the going gets rough, she's all business. She's got a toned and fit body that follows the functions of a pirate. Around her neck on a piece of braided leather and up close to her neck is what looks to be a piece of a finger bone.

Jupiter's clothes are simple and yet give a hint about the woman that wears them. When not in her armor she wears a white button up shirt with a deep purple vest. A pair of dark cargo pants are tucked into a pair of knee high boots with a cut in design of the leather that look like rows of skulls flowing across her calves. Slung low on one hip is a pistol, well taken care of and worn. Also worn is a small bag, attached to the same belt and right beside the dark leather holster of the gun. If she's in battle mode, her huge axe is often at her side.


Crusader: The Axe

This axe is quite large, and it looks very, very deadly. The shaft is easily five feet long, and is tipped with another two feet of axe head. The one side of the axe is a half moon. Deadly, sharp, pointed at top and bottom were it curves back in to meet the support and shaft. Upon the half moon is imprinted a clear jolly roger, one to either side. The crossbones and skull of the jolly roger are a pearly, bleached bone white in color. Swirls of scrollwork emulating dark, frothy water lie behind and round the jolly rogers, in dark grey, black, and deep purple waves. The other side of the axe is a sharp downward curving triangle piece. It has the same frothy waves as the deadly half moon, but no jolly roger. Between the two, a sharp spike extends half a foot above the half moon.

The One Time Jupiter's Life went Right

Frost tests his Strength against a 50 difficulty. The result is successful (62).

<OOC> Frost says, "You need to beat 112"

You test your Strength against a 113 difficulty. The result is successful (13).

"Yer vagina get ye.." he begins to say as he is choaking Jupiter, but he suddenly finds himself struggling against her amazing show of strength and even his own words. Nonetheless Frost pushes against Jupiter's strength to no avail. "...in... more trouble then ah.... ten pound... doodle!" and just as he is finished he is SCHOOLED, hands no longer around her neck the Admiral finds himself BESTED by the Corsair. He moves, quickly, to step away from her, his balling into fists. His jaw clenched so tight you'd think it was a convict's anus. "She be free to do as she wishes....." he... relents? He looks around at the other pirates and growls a bit to himself before spinning to turn away from the lot of them, almost like a scolded child.