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Juliet Arnett, MD
Full name Juliet Leane Arnett
Date of Birth August 30th, 2493
Parents Milla Arnett<dead>

Doctor Joaq Arnett

Siblings Joaq Arnett Jr <dead>
Assignment Tienlong
Specialization Doctor/Surgery
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Grey Flecked Blue eyes/Dark blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'2" / 110 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Medical School on Ariel

Employment History

Surgeon/Teacher, Marancy Medical Teaching Hospital Surgeon/Teacher MM Flight program aboard Redemption Chief Medical Officer, Tienlong Org Chief Medical Officer,Lifeline/Red Deuce Surgeon-Medical Research Facility Surgical Resident-St.Lucy's Hospital

The Details

Juliet was born the only daughter of Milla and Joaq. Joaq was a Doctor at one of the most prestigious hospital on the core, as was his father and his father before him. It could only be seen as a disapointment that his wife died after having only a daughter and a stillborn son. Nevertheless she was given such proper training to follow in the family footsteps whether it was something she desired or not. A path she willingly followed to continue to be looked upon with favour in her father's eyes. She started university as the battle waged on the border planets, but it was something that happened elsewhere. Eventually the war was over and moved into the realm of memory as she continued into her internships and finally getting a residency with a research hospital. Her intentions were good, help make things better for mankind, but the longer she worked there, the higher up she moved, she noticed that not everything done there was quite so honourable. Unable to work there any longer and wishing to get away from this system and her father's influence she has decided to step out into the real world. At an age when most women would be settling down with husband and children, she is seeking freedom.

Freedom was sought by taking the first shuttle off of Ariel that day with what she could pack in two suitcases and a shoulder bag. She arrived at Persephone docks in the middle of a gunfight where she ended up losing her luggage but finding an old school friend. It was not the easiest of reunions as Reilly had taken a bullet in the gunfight, but it would lead to her being taken on the ship he worked and getting a Job on the Tienlong. A few months later she and a group of others followed him as he made way to get his own ship, the Red Deuce and eventually the company, Lifeline inc. During this time she had a one night stand with a pilot that resulted in a pregnancy and nearly nine months later Ava was born by the hands of Aubrey. Things were by this time strained between her and Reilly and she finally decided to move back to the Tienlong and in time to become the Chief Medical office of the org. Here also she had a chance meeting with that Pilot who fathered Ava, Aeddan Li. They tried to raise Ava together, but were quite different people with different goals and soon seperated.

She moved on to Marancy Medical Teaching Hospital and entered into a partnership for awhile with the Redemption to teach students the particulars of flight medicine. She was drawn into the partnership by an old crush from the Tienlong, Gatrius. They grew quite close during this time, but as with many of her relationships, they came second to her work and things petered out. The program lasted a couple years before she decided to remain land based at Marancy Medical teaching advanced surgical techniques. During this time her daughter mostly went to school at various boarding schools. A child with much the intelligence of her mother, but without the reserve...which causes problems on occasion.

Trivia & RP Hooks

  • Graduated near the top of her class **
  • She plays a flute in private, her mother's, which is kept in its case in her medical bag she carries at all time
  • Has worked an a medical research facility, but it is not something she talks about. **
  • Don't let her awkwardness in communication fool you, she is an excellent surgeon, just don't expect to make small talk. **
  • Has a secret Tranquilizer addiction.
  • Ava Everson Arnett-Li is her daughter, Everson is the surname of the man who delivered her Aubrey Everson, her godfather. Born January 16, 2523 **
  • She has an estranged relationship with her father and rarely visits him on Ariel. He is a well known Surgeon, though now retired. **
  • Ava is fluent in sign language and computer language, something she learned from her godfather. Their 'secret language' and shared passions.
  • Juliet walks with a limp due to an injury some time ago.**
  • Public Record **

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