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Julia aka Peeper
Full name Julia (Last name unknown even to her)
Date of Birth September 15 2502
Parents Unknown Brothel Whore of Eavesdown and passing Spacer (guardian Dorothy, dead)
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Hacker for hire
Specialization Cortex mischief
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hazel eyes and Brown hair
Height and Weight 5'6" and 146lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Public School

Brief Background

A child of bad luck, she was the slave girl in a brothel as she grew up. She cleaned and did laundry and ran errands and took abuse. She was taken out of that by a woman named Dorothy and given a normal house and a chance to go to school. Her talent for computers blossomed there, and she became a very introverted Cortex addict. When Dorothy passed just after her 16th birthday, she fell into helping local criminal types. Evntually, she sought a life aboard ships, hoping to perhaps one day find her real parents.


She stands all of 5 and half feet tall, with a thin frame that features long, lean limbs. Her skin is fair, with a scattering of freckles. Hazel eyes sit above a pert nose, framed by a slightly styled mass of chestnut hair that's almost always curled to frame her features nicely. Often, a few stray hairs seem to obsessively annoy her left eye, dangling just on the edge of her vision. She doesn't wear much makeup, just a dusting around her eyes and a little lip gloss. She isn't compulsively in shape but she's young, and willowy, and thin by nature. Her body has finally developed to reveal an alluring and shapely young woman.

She wears a gray sweatshirt, with a hood that she can pull tight to shield her from the world. The word "Infiniti" is written in black block letters down the right sleeve. She also wears a pair of olive cargo pants, with pockets all over the place, and a pair of well-worn workboots.

Employment History

Freelance Hacker, Persephone

Helped erase or seize or alter records for ciriminal rings.

Grace O' Malley
Resident Hacker and Junior Technician

Tuskai No Inari
Resident Hacker

Resident Cortex hacker