Jude Silva

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Full name Jude Silva
Date of Birth February 26th, 2501
Parents Undisclosed
Siblings One brother, undisclosed.
Assignment Drifter
Specialization Varied
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown/Black
Height and Weight 5'10" 200 lbs.
Status Inactive
Education Information

K-5, Core World education.

Employment History
  • Current: Gunslinger/Cook for Chong Sheng
  • Past 1: Odd jobs on Persephone.


Standing just a bit under six feet in height, this mahogany-skinned man is of a somewhat solid build, his forearms tightly muscular. His head is somewhat heart-shaped, with a rounded chin and rounded, broad nose, and bright, chocolate brown eyes. His black, tightly curled hair is buzzed close to his head.

He wears a pair of drawstring'ed navy blue pants tucked into a pair of black leather boots, while a stained ivory-colored t-shirt and a broadly-striped blue and white striped vest that looks like it's from a second-hand store adorn his top half. A worn black leather baldric drapes across his left shoulder, the back sheath apparently empty, and a black leather belt with a decent-sized pouch helps hold his pants up.

What's known

Strangely little. He emerged on Persephone in September of 2520, doing odd jobs involving cooking, minor thuggery, security and furniture moving. He seems to have a very light Ariel accent.


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2501-2511: Jude lives on Ariel.

2511-September 2520: Jude lives on Hera.

September 2520-April 2522: Jude lives on Persephone.

April 29th 2522: Jude is taken on as a passenger on the Chong Sheng.

May 7th 2522: Jude is taken on as a crewmember on the Chong Sheng.