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Full name Jude Connelly
Date of Birth 5 June 2023
Birthplace Persephone
Parents Charlene Connelly, Stephen McManus
Siblings Cian, Morag & Megan (half-siblings)
Gender Male
Height and Weight 1.78 m (5' 8") / 70 g (154 lbs)
Status Active
Education Information


Employment History



Jude is old enough to remember that he had his Mom to himself until he was around six and that they lived on Persephone, but he never knew who his father was. According to his Mom he was dead. When Jude was six, Charlene met Dean, a young farmer from Jiangyin who had come to Persephone to buy produce. They hit it off and she agreed to move to Jiangyin with him. Dean accepted Jude as his own and he even grew used to calling him Dad, but then more children arrived. First Cian, then the twins Morag and Megan. Dean couldn't help preferring his own son Cian and Jude felt pushed aside more and more. He grew into a rebellious teenager who hung out with other bad boys in the nearby larger settlement. He began imitating some sort of rock star chic with lots of leather, dyed his hair and learned to play the guitar. Charlene didn't know how to make him feel better about anything or convince him that college would be a really good idea.

In autumn 2541 Donna appeared at the farm on Jiangyin and the whole story finally came out. In her youth Charlene had a brief love affair with the shepherd Stephen_McManus that left her pregnant. But while he was willing to support her and the child financially, he wasn't ready to give up his vows for them. She raised the child on her own for the first years, naming him for Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes and when Jude was old enough to ask questions, decided it was better to tell him that his father was dead rather than that he wanted nothing to do with him. As the years went by Jude lived his life on Jiangyin, unaware that his father was alive and racked with guilt. When the shepherd caught a deadly virus, he confessed everything to Donna and asked her to find his son and check on him. After digesting the initial shock, Jude was happy to accept Donna's invitation to spend some time on the Guan-Yin II to find out more about his father from people who had known him and also get to see something of the verse that way.

A New Career

After a while, Jude got himself involved in helping out in the Guan-Yin's Med Bay and decided that a career in nursing might be just the thing for him. For the first time in his life he studied hard for someting, so he would pass the entrance exam for Nursing School on Persephone and get a place there. He is now dividing his time between studying there and learning hands-on from Donna and the other nurses on the Guan-Yin II.

He makes some money on the side by busking around Eavesdown Docks or play gigs in pubs and restaurants. Along the way he's made several new friends beyond the Guan-Yin such as the young mother Sanoh Nk and her children Nim and Dao and his fellow musician Ambrose both off the Jia, the supportive Lady Lirin Dumont-Fist and even a bonefide Alliance Admiral Charley_Wong. Unfortunately he's also made a mortal enemy, the young overzealous Ensign Wendolin Spindler, who wastes no opportunity to come after him and even arrested him for his Browncoat tattoo (some say it was for crimes against music, but that's an entirely unfounded rumour).

A Trial and its surprising outcome

Eventually things came to a head when Spindler disrupted a date with the lovely Ava Arnett, in which blows were traded, a girl ended in hospital and a boy in court. The judge sentenced Jude to 500 hours of community service, a weekend with the Feds and a fine, but it was all worth it because it also earned him a girlfriend! He was able to do his community service at Hope House on Bernadette, a charity institution run by Ava's godfather Aubrey, who had no idea what she saw in the scruffy boy from the Rim and told Jude in no uncertain terms what worlds of pain he'd find himself in, if he hurt her. An encounter with Blue Sun and their evil machinations sent Jude and Ava on a secret mission to Ariel, in which he seemed to earn Aubrey's grudging respect (less so for being found naked and stoned on a hotel roof on Osiris later). Ava finally came aboard the Guan-Yin as a computer techie to be closer to him and whenever they can get away, she joins him for his music gigs, supporting his rock star dreams.


His weedy built makes Jude appear taller than he really is. He has a thin face with full lips and a pair of large green eyes, flecked with gold. He has an impressive mop of -very- blonde hair though one closer look is enough to realize that it's growing black at the roots. Skinny legs in very tight fashionably ripped black denim are stuck in clompy black biker boots. He's wearing a nearly white tank top that exposes some cheaply done tattoos on his shoulders and upper arms, including a very visible one of the Browncoat's logo on his right upper arm and one of Che Guevara on the left upper arm.