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Joyel Nichols
Joyel Nichols
Full name Joyel Nichols
Date of Birth June 13, 2484
Birthplace Sihnon
Parents Marcus and Mariana Nichols
Siblings None
Spouse N/A
Assignment Doctor, Zang Fu, Ricochet Arms
Specialization Medicine, General Surgery, Cardiac Surgery
Gender female
Eyes and Hair Pale blue with green flecks and Black
Status active
Employment History

Ricochet Arms Doctor
Fleet Surgeon
St. Lucy's on Ariel
Free Clinic on the rim and border
Residensy on Persephone
Medacad on Ariel

Personal Notes

Allergy: Dust and pollen

This is an alt of River's. If you need to contact this alt, please poke River in-game.

Background - Pre-PC

I grew up in a well off family on the planet of Sihnon. I always had whatever I could want, from a young age, until I decided I wanted to be a surgeon. My parents were good people. We were on the lower end of the upper class spectrum. Well to do, with plenty of money, but not exactly rich. My dad, Marcus Nichols, was a lawyer, and a successful one at that. My mom, Mariana, was his assistant, though she spent a lot of time at home with me. Or I with her while she was helping dad. From Londinium we might have been from, but there is scottish in our roots, as far back as Earth-that-was. Well, from dad, at least. Mom, not so much. But dad.. that's where I got my accent from, slight though it is. My childhood was pretty uneventful. I went to school, went to church, did homework, and spent time with my family. I had no siblings, and I wasn't a troublemaker. But even then, I was straight forward and bold.

After school, I went to medical school on Ariel, at St. Lucy's there. There, I made a friend in a man named Roberto Chin. What a womanizer he was. Liked to drink too, but that's beside the point. In any case, he chased after me for awhile, and I never fell for it, so we became close friends instead. Close enough that, after medical school, we did our internship in the same hospital on Persephone: Johnston General. We kept our friendship even then. We went into trauma together. After the trauma fellowship was over, that's where we went seperate directions. I went into general surgery, did a fellowship of it, and then another fellowship in cardiology.

Though Roberto and I weren't as close as we once were, we still kept in contact with each other through the years, as I went from planet to planet plying my trade where I could to help anybody I could. I had occasional contact with people from various walks of life. I helped anybody I could. This is where I learned to fly a ship, actually. I'm not the best, but outside of surgery, flying is one of my passions. Surgery is, of course, and will likely always be, my greatest passion.

Background - PC

I've joined the Pirates, and become their Fleet Surgeon. For now, that's all there is to tell.

I'm no longer with the pirates. I did some freelance work, temping for doctors on vacation and such. Now, I'm doctor on Ricochet Arms' ship, Zang Fu.

Joyel Nichols