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Full name Jovana
Gender Female
Status Deceased

Jovana, the Head Cargo Mistress of the Red Angel. Standing at about 5'5, with white hair, and light grey eyes, with a pale complexion she is as close to being an albino without quite crossing that line.

Being a preacher in training, Jovana has a history that can't really be considered a history. Having quite literally been dropped at the feet of Corin and Brady one day, she has no memory of her life before the point she woke up on the Angel. She sleeps little, and works herself to the bone, trying to learn everything and anything she can get her hands on.

Her only family now being her adopted brother Brady, and the captain Daniel Wallace, whom she sees as a father figure. Very protective of her crew, she is often seen with her Bolt Thrower and just watching people as if waiting for someone. Though if asked whom she is waiting for, even she wouldn't have the answer.

Right now, she pilots the ship from port to port helping run cargo, as well as helps trying to keep the engines to their full capacity.